Marriages are not made in heaven nowadays but are decided by the boy and the girl themselves. Gone are the days when the parents of the boy and the girl decide on the suitability of the relationship between the boy and the girl and then decide on the unification of them. But, to some extent, it is still considered as a sacred occasion by the Hindus at least. Even when a boy and a girl decide to unite themselves in wedlock, majority of them still feel that whether their horoscopes are matching or not. It is always advisable to approach a well-known astrologer before marriage and have his opinion regarding the adaptability of the boy and the girl.

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Vedic Lucky Wearables Prasna Marga Prasna Marga is a electional astrology, where a horoscope is made based on the time and place of the question asked. This is more prevalent in Kerala, India. Prasna Marga is one of the most important treatise on predictive astrology. It covers every aspect of human life. Hora, Samhita and Ganit are important parts of Astrology. Prasna Marga comes under the heading of Hora shastra. This shastra is limited to asking and answering only one question.

Time of asking question plays an important role here. Chart or Chakra has been prepared depending on time; place and date of asking query and the the horoscope thus prepared is known as Prasna Kundali or chart at the time of question. Querent plays an important role. Shakun, Nimittas or the science of Omens are important things to be considered while answering question.

The study of Astrology and Hora shastra, prasna Marga in particular,has been increasing not only in India but all over the world. Prasna Marga reveals methods peculiar to the genius of Kerala. The title Prasna Marga suggests that it deals with Prasna or HoraryIt covers the entire range of the subject: Jatak or predictive astrology,Muhurta or Electional astrology; parihar or Remedial Astrology and Nimittas or the science of Omens and also Mantra shastra.

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Prasna Marga (Vol. 1 & 2) By Dr. B.V. Raman [MLBD]



Prasna Marga - Dr. BV Raman


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