It has a 0. The charger uses an internal FET to deliver up to mA charging current to the battery. The device can be configured for either a 4. An open-drain output CHG indicates charge status. The MAX has preconditioning that soft-starts a near-dead battery cell before charging.

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Ultrasonic distance finder circuit The circuit described here uses ultrasonic oscillations and operates based on the propagation velocity of these oscillations in the air. Thus, we can easily determine the distance of two points if the time within which the wave travels this distance is Simple Metal detector circuit with CD Sometimes the precious metals are hidden too deep and are not detected except with complicated devices. In many cases, however, small pieces of precious metal buried near the surface can be detected by relatively simple means.

Everyone is very attractive to Fully automatic watering circuit for flower pots Many times for various reasons we forget or can not water the plants that we have in our homes. And many humidity sensors units just notify us with a beeping sound or with a flashing light, that the pot needs watering. But what if we are away from home? Simple deep searching metal detector circuit The principle behind a metal detector is really very simple.

Proof of this is the circuit that follows, in which it proves that the construction of a metal detector can be done in the minute, with few components that we find very easily everywhere. With the Sub-Harmonic Bass Converter for Electric Guitars The sub-harmonic bass generator is a sound producing unit for guitars. The sound it produces looks very much like that of the bass guitar. The octave generator is sometimes quite unusual since it does not produce any of the usual ways of coloring the sound, Echo Depth Sounding Sonar for Boats In the past the sounding sea bottom measurement was done with the "bullet", that is, with a heavy lead object that the seamen plucked into the sea hung from a calibrated rope.

As soon as the "bullet" reached the bottom, the depth appeared directly from the Power has to be attributed to an extended bandwidth. The output transistors must be protected against short circuits. The power The device detects the amount of water in the pot and alerts the grower These limits are known to be the broadest that can exist. Normally the normal limits range from Hz to about 13KHz and depend on the age and health of the individual.

We for our measurements and to


MAX1811 USB mobile phone emergency charger circuit diagram



Brand New MAX1811ESA+ IC CHARGER USB LI+ 8-SOIC MAX1811 with low price



Brand New MAX1811ESA+ IC CHARGER USB LI+ 8-SOIC MAX1811 with low price



MAX1811ESA Battery Charger Li-Ion/Li-Pol 0.455mA 4.2V 8-Pin


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