Jacob, F. The Zen of Times. Our struggles are from within ourselves and in our mind, taunted by social deviations that involve the rules of life in our society today. Facing these struggles are just part of our daily burden to find contentment and self worth in order to be happily accepted in the society that we live on.

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I believe it is a good novel. In fact, I believe it is my best novel to date. I elatedly tweeted about finishing the book, letting my readers know that it was in the can, a month ahead of deadline no less, and that it would be coming to a shelf near them At this point, I was forcefully reminded of how fundamentally weird it is to work heroically toward a deadline, hit it, and then have to basically forget all about it for the next 18 months.

This has not come easily to me. I am, by nature, short of attention span and impatient. My readers, however, are less Zen. I am sympathetic to this point of view. Not just one or two pieces, but every element I took my eye off, even for a second. And things are not about to get any easier. Like a lot of people who sit in chairs for a lot of their lives, my spine is not my friend.

But it has just kept getting worse and worse, to the point where sitting has become excruciating. This is going to be every bit as unpleasant as it sounds, and the rehab to follow will eat an enormous amount of my work time over the next six months, at least. During which period, I am, theoretically, supposed to be printing, binding, packing, and shipping limited editions of With a Little Help, as well as doing publicity and so forth. So how did the project get to this? As I wrote in an earlier column, I created a program wherein people who work at libraries and schools can write to me and ask for free copies of my books.

I pay an assistant to vet the requests, and then I list them online by region, and my generous readers buy copies and have them shipped to the library or school of their choice. With this project, I reasoned, why not have Lulu. They could easily put up an online form for potential recipients. It would ping my assistant, who would then vet them, press a button, and a link would go live where donors could click on the name of the recipient they liked, fill in their credit card details, and a book would ship.

This was such an easy thing, I thought, that I basically ignored it. In October, when I was ready to ship, I asked Russ how it was going. Not well, it turned out. The guy Russ was supposed to be communicating with had stopped answering e-mails over the summer. In lieu of this, Lulu offered to build me an elaborate landing page for incoming readers. It was somewhat redundant, but hey, why not.

So, here I sit, realizing that what I thought was the simplest piece of my whole project, a tiny lagniappe that I barely even looked at, had put the whole thing in jeopardy. Life Is What Happens When If I were realistically going to keep up this publishing stuff, I would need to outsource every task that requires the virtues inherent in agents, editors, sales, marketing, distribution and retail, especially that willingness to tithe a large portion of my working day to logistics, follow-ups, and calls.

This story will have a happy ending, though. I will get the book out, either this month or next, even if I have to hire assistants to help with the physical schlepping while I stump around with my crutches.

Over and over again, when I describe With a Little Help to people, they fixate on the limited editions.



Before there were blogs, there were zines. And before there were print-on-demand books, there were zines. Zine making and publishing are the original way for ordinary people to—with the assistance of some cheap technology i. Trying to define a zine is like trying to define a lot of things. It might be best described as punk rock publishing and punks did make zines, though the idea predates them. To some, zine is an aesthetic.


Shortlisted for the Goldsmiths Prize

It Does A Writing Good! I need to use those to place various tables side-by-side. People Amine is Following. Please try again later. Fady Osama Fayez Translation.


The Art of Making and Self-Publishing Zines

These software let you create documents and prepare them to be published online. Some of these DTP software are totally free while some are available free of cost with some limitations. You can also work on more than one documents using some software. All of these software have some features in common with some differences. Desktop publishing is the process of creating documents with the help of page layout, images, text, shapes, etc.

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