We commute, we pay the bills, we cook, feed the kids, and wash-up. If this sounds a bit like your life and you want to know what living under grace means for you, this is the book to read. Many Christians struggle to live the Christian life. They want to do the right thing; they try to do the right thing; yet they often fail to do what they want to do. When the frustration builds they snap and do things they later regret.

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Start your review of Lifetime Guarantee Write a review May 21, Melissa rated it it was amazing This is a must read for everyone!

His examples of how to abide above while simultaneously dwelling on earth helped me understand the concept much better, and I feel that God had things to show me in these pages. Gillham also shows how our fleshly patterns consistently lead us away from the full life that the Lord wants for everyone. The notion that 4. The notion that Satan presents the Christian with sinful ideas using first-person pronouns in order to deceive him or her really struck me, and it makes perfect sense.

Gillham demonstrates wisdom and a lot of understanding in these pages, and he makes use of scripture thoroughly. There are only a few downsides of this book. He also likes to use strange diagrams that rarely aided my understanding of what he says. Although the message was inspiring, I found the examples to be silly and repetitive. What lost me with this work were the multiple illustrations and graphs that the author used to restate the point of each chapter multiple times throughout each chapter.

I honestly felt the book could have been half or at least a third of its length had the author made his point, given an illustration and application, and then moved on. Each chapter felt like it was intentionally made longer. Another issue I had with this work was the The subject and purpose of this work were great and on point. While I get that using a phrase like "earth suit" and "feelers" are good for a quick laugh that helps illustrate your argument, continuing to use them constantly knocks the message of the work off track and are simply distracting and annoying.

In a feeble attempt to close on a positive note, while there are MANY other works out there by much better writers on the subject of a believer living their lives out of their position in Christ and His finished work on the Cross such as The Green Letters by Miles Stanford , Gillham did do a decent job of making this work a little more relatable to a reader that may not be familiar with your everyday "Christianese" or theological terms.

You have to get past some slightly corny and maybe outdated examples, but it has changed the way I understand daily interaction and how Christ lives in me.

Definitely plan to re-read this book through different lenses I love this book, it has taught me so much! Definitely plan to re-read this book through different lenses especially as I continue to informally learn more about psychology and spirituality and grow in faith!

He rambled on abut women in such an odd manner. He even goes on to explain that "the mother who never takes time to teach and TRAIN her daughter what it means to be a woman -baking, sewing, housekeeping, including the intimate tasks such as proper hygiene at the onset of menstration-communicates to her daughter she is worthless and stupid The things that he even writes about like constantly silly I did not care for this book whatsoever, especially in regards to how and what Bill wrote.


Lifetime Guarantee

History states that the atomic bomb caused the Japanese to surrender, but mom always claimed theyd heard I was coming. After the war I followed Anabel Hoyle to college which was a shrewd move for two reasons. I married her and the tuition was paid by the G. Bill your tax dollars at work. The Holy Spirit targeted my heart in while watching the first nationally televised Billy Graham Crusade. Meanwhile I zealously "worked for God" according to the tradition of my elders.


“Lifetime Guarantee” by Bill Gillham



The Life Video Series


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