Most of his ideas on the "tree alphabet" are his own and sourceless. Unfortunately a lot of the celtic magic industry owes too much to this as a gospel of sorts. Better and more scholarly book are out there if you can be bothered looking. But they are without the glamour of Graves which I suppose is part of the attraction to the sidhe huggers. Edit: This is a dreadful book

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History[ edit ] Graves first wrote the book under the title of The Roebuck in the Thicket in a three-week period during January , only a month after finishing The Golden Fleece.

He then left the book to focus on King Jesus, a historical novel about the life of Jesus. The book draws from the mythology and poetry of Wales and Ireland especially, as well as that of most of Western Europe and the ancient Middle East. Graves wrote: Sir James Frazer was able to keep his beautiful rooms at Trinity College , Cambridge until his death by carefully and methodically sailing all around his dangerous subject, as if charting the coastline of a forbidden island without actually committing himself to a declaration that it existed.

What he was saying-not-saying was that Christian legend , dogma and ritual are the refinement of a great body of primitive and even barbarous beliefs, and that almost the only original element in Christianity is the personality of Jesus.

Graves admitted he was not a medieval historian, but a poet, and thus based his work on the premise that the language of poetic myth anciently current in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe was a magical language bound up with popular religious ceremonies in honour of the Moon-goddess, or Muse, some of them dating from the Old Stone Age, and that this remains the language of true poetry He describes Woman as occupying a higher echelon than mere poet, that of the Muse Herself.

He adds "This is not to say that a woman should refrain from writing poems; only, that she should write as a woman, not as an honorary man. Graves created a methodology for reading images he called "iconotropy". To practice this methodology one is required to reduce "speech into its original images and rhythms" and then to combine these "on several simultaneous levels of thought".

By applying this methodology Graves decoded a woodcut of The Judgement of Paris as depicting a singular Triple Goddess [4] rather than the traditional Hera , Athena and Aphrodite of the narrative the image illustrates.

Celtic Tree Calendar[ edit ] Graves also argues that the names of the Ogham letters in the alphabet used in parts of Gaelic Ireland and Britain contained a calendar that contained the key to an ancient liturgy involving the human sacrifice of a sacred king , and, further, that these letter names concealed lines of Ancient Greek hexameter describing the goddess.

Druantia[ edit ] In The White Goddess, Graves proposed a hypothetical Gallic tree goddess, Druantia , who has become somewhat popular with contemporary Neopagans. Druantia is an archetype of the eternal mother as seen in the evergreen boughs. She also rules protection of trees, knowledge, creativity. Eliot called "A prodigious, monstrous, stupefying, indescribable book" [12] — and Graves himself was disappointed that his work was "loudly ignored" by many Celtic scholars.

According to Ronald Hutton , the book "remains a major source of confusion about the ancient Celts and influences many un-scholarly views of Celtic paganism". See Frazer quote. Some Neopagans have been bemused and upset by the scholarly criticism that The White Goddess has received in recent years, [17] while others have appreciated its poetic insight but never accepted it as a work of historical veracity.

On reviewing the book, Riding was furious, saying "Where once I reigned, now a whorish abomination has sprung to life, a Frankenstein pieced together from the shards of my life and thoughts.


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