See the specifications sheet here. Information on shooting speed, battery life, etc. Test Results In keeping with my standard test policy, the comments given here summarize only my key findings. Not sure which camera to buy?

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This is a camera that demands a few weeks of solid use to master its many functions, though to be fair, this is more about getting used to the ergonomics and various interface elements than down to any complexity in the design itself. In fact, you can happily explore the myriad functions without ever needing the manual.

Everything is self-explanatory, the graphics designed to avoid confusion and the lack of jargon and acronyms laudable. The is also a slight, though perceptible, delay between pushing the zoom lever and the lens starting to move. This may be simply because you have to move the lever so far to actually engage the zooming.

Below this is the main mode dial. Finally, below the main mode dial are three buttons; review switch to playback mode , menu to activate on-screen menus and delete. The menus are written in plain English with large, easily understood icons, meaning the manual is rarely needed when exploring the huge range of features.

This approach means that experienced photographers have virtually all the control they need at their fingertips without once seeing a menu or leaving record mode. Half-press the shutter and the camera focuses, indicating the autofocus AF point and auto exposure AE settings chosen. In P, A, S and M modes you get a lot more information - and more control. Note that the focus mode can be switched between 3-area auto, center focus and manual area selection left, middle, right.

Turning the jog dial highlights each of the available settings in turn AE compensation, flash output control, ISO ; press the jog dial and turn it again to make changes. In M, S and A modes you also change shutter speeds and apertures using the jog dial. As you switch between the various modes a brief description appears on-screen. Pressing the menu button in record mode brings up the menus shown above. You use the joystick to move up and down the list, and press it to select a setting to change.

The last option in the list takes you to the setup menu. In each case, pressing the joystick brings up a page of options with plain english descriptions, rather than incomprehensible icons. Custom mode allows you to save all your favorite settings for instant recall. Very useful, and very easy to set up. Each has a brief explanation of what it does and how to use it.

Pressing the review button switches the camera to playback mode. Note that portrait images are rotated automatically. Pressing the info button brings up a fairly comprehensive overlay of shooting information.

Push the zoom lever to the right to magnify the image up to 8x Pressing the menu button in review mode brings up the usual array of options to protect lock images, watch slideshows and so on deleting has its own button. Ask Kodak. Last but not least is the setup menu accessible from both record and playback modes.


Kodak EasyShare DX7590 Manual

Bridge cameras, also sometimes called zoom cameras, are cameras that lets you zoom in to focus on very distant subjects. These also obtain wide angle shots and happen to be bigger and chunkier than basic point-and-shoot cameras. What are the advantages of having a bridge camera aside from its powerful zoom lens? Though a bridge camera can be bulky in size, it has excellent macro performance. If you love macro or close-up photography, having a bridge camera will bring out the best in your photos.


Kodak EasyShare DX7590 User Manual

NOTA: il software EasyShare consente inoltre di trasformare una foto a colori in una foto in bianco e nero o seppia ma non il contrario. Consente di ripristinare tutte le impostazioni di scatto sui valori predefiniti. S, M o C sul valore predefinito. Durata video Video Consente di selezionare una durata video predefinita utile per i video con autoscatto. Icona Opzioni ed icone che vengono visualizzate in Anteprima in diretta On o Off Consente di preselezionare i nomi degli album prima di eseguire foto o video. Tutte le foto o i video realizzati verranno contrassegnati con i nomi degli album selezionati. Vedere Uso del menu di impostazione per personalizzare la fotocamera.


Kodak DX7590 Manual / User Guide Download PDF

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