He was born in small village by name Sirukudalpatti near karaikudi. He wrote thousands of popular songs for Tamil cinema. His given name at birth was Muthiah. However, when he passed away at the age of 54, on October 16, , millions of Tamils remembered him only by the name Kannadasan. For Tamils all over the world, he epitomised their poetry style.

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While serializing the biography of his contemporary MGR in this website, I have long wondered how their friendship, cooperation, conflict and rivalry in both cinema and politics, stimulated their creativity. Both were strong-willed talents. Earlier, I also have had a thought of combining the lives of MGR and Kannadasan, as a dual biography.

I left the island in August Kannadasan died in Chicago in October MGR died in December This essay needs further expansion in the MGR biography series. Neither Kannadasan nor MGR would have dreamt that their collaborative creativity in movie scripts, movie lyrics, and meaningful inspirational songs to Tamils and the down-trodden tribes would gain revival, wider popularity and new fans with digital media, especially in YouTube format that was established in February The entry on Kannadasan in Wikipedia, leaves much to be desired.

For a comparison, check the Wikipedia entries on poets Dylan Thomas or Philip Larkin By his own admission and by general consensus, Kannadasan was a flawed person. His weaknesses for liquor, drug and women were well known and he himself had recorded these in his creative works. Thus, in this occasional series, I opt to develop a profile of Kannadasan, which will be an essential alternate to what prevails in the Wikipedia entry on him.

Eleven years ago, I received a gift of an elegant research compendium on Kannadasan published in from my high school friend S. Sayabu Maraikayar b. Unfortunately, all the essays contributed by Tamilnadu academics were written in Tamil. Sadly, not much information is available about this research compendium in the internet. As such, I provide below my English translations of the titles of essays on Kannadasan, in the listed order.


Yesu Kaviyam

Personal life[ edit ] Kannadasan was born to Sathappan and Visalakshi in the year , in Sirukudalpatti, near Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India and was given the birth — name Muthiah. He was the 8th child to his parents and had 10 siblings. He was adopted by Chigappi Aachi for a sum of INR at an early age, who brought him up and was responsible for his early stages of school education. He completed his schooling till the 8th standard in Sirukudalpatti and Amaravathipudhur. He worked for a private company in Tiruvottiyur before taking up an editorial post in a Tamil Magazine where for the first time he took up the pseudonym Kannadasan. His friendship with MSV was legendary and the combination of these two geniuses created some of the most important songs of Tamil Cinema.



Goltilabar Only Kannadasan saw used them to describe beauty of a woman. Who are the best poets of tamil language? Start Now at wikibuy. This essay needs kannavasan expansion in the MGR biography series. The kanmadasan giveaway that tells you when Amazon has the best price. Earlier, I also have had a thought of combining the lives of MGR and Kannadasan, as a dual biography.


‘King Poet’ Kannadasan at 80

Tamil lyricist, poet and novelist Kannadasan etched his place in the history of Tamil Nadu with the prolific work he did in his over four-decade career. Besides several honours to his name, including a Sahitya Akademi award, Kannadasan also dabbled in politics. The foster parents renamed him Narayanan. Although he had to drop out of school in the eighth grade, Narayanan was always inclined towards reading and writing.

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