Leben[ Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten ] Spanuth erlebte die Zeit des Nationalsozialismus zwischen seinem In dieser Zeit setzte er, seit 1. Phaiaken seien auch die Hyperboreer der griechischen Mythologie. Aufgrund einer eingehenden Untersuchung der beschriebenen Realien zum Beispiel Bronze- aber noch keine Eisenschwerter identifiziert er das Szenario als ein bronzezeitliches. Dieser von Platon Tim 24 f.

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He became pastor of Bordelum in Northern Germany. His first book Das Entraselte Atlantis[ ] was published in , following excavations near Heligoland. It was later published in English[ ] and is now available on the Internet a. Part of the physical evidence he produced was the horn-helmeted Sea Peoples depicted at Medinet Habu. Since we are all used to seeing Vikings depicted with horned helmets, many are surprised to find that it is a late 19th century invention e f. In fact the Vikings used rather plain helmets which they did not manufacture themselves but traded for them from other Germanic peoples on mainland Europe d.

On the other hand, one of the Sea Peoples, the Shardana , generally believed to have come from Sardinia , did use horn-helmets. However, there are aspects of this claim that are the subject of continuing debate, but the suggestion of a North Sea connection has weakened considerably.

He produced a mass of evidence to support his views but found his book under severe attack by many academics, which, in general, had the support of the public. After being publicly labelled, among other things, a liar, Spanuth was forced to challenge his detractors in the courts. After some six years he was vindicated when ten professors withdrew their plea, admitting that their arguments against the pastor were untenable.

Felix R. Paturi has more information[ Vidal-Naquet bluntly labels him a Nazi[ Similar claims that he had been in the SS have also been refuted c. His final offering was Die Atlanter , which was also published in English[ ], however this is really just a revised and expanded version of his book[ ]. Spanuth has still a lot of supporters and is constantly referred to, particularly by German investigators such as Arn Strohmeyer [ ] and Gerhard Herm [ ].

The Danish writer, Kirsten Bang , published a short book[ ] in which she also placed Atlantis in the Wadden Sea where Helgoland is located. She also supports a date of BC for its destruction. This initial volume is concerned with the destruction of Atlantis by a comet Phaeton in BC, leaving Helgoland as a remnant.

Refugees fled south to the Eastern Mediterranean leaving their cultural imprint on the region.


Jürgen Spanuth

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Spanuth, Dr Jürgen




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