The ancient scrolls, written by Judas Iscariot, the disciple of Jmmanuel Jesus , had been encased in tree resin and buried for almost two millennia before being unearthed by Isa Rashid, a Lebanese priest of the Greek Orthodox church, and by "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, a New Age prophet educated by wise celestial teachers from the Pleiades star cluster. The discoverers of the scrolls have since been persecuted by Christian and Jewish orthodox groups and by political shadow governments. Rashid, who had been entrusted with the original scrolls for safekeeping and translation from Aramaic to German, had to flee from Jerusalem to Lebanon to evade his persecutors, who were intent on silencing him and destroying the scrolls. The scrolls were burned and lost in an Israeli air raid on a Lebanese refugee camp in Rashid and his family escaped, but were assassinated in Baghdad shortly thereafter. A quarter of the original script had been translated into German by then and had been mailed to Billy Meier in Switzerland.

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In doing so, we want to view them both as stories that purport to involve real historical events. There are no actual biographies of Jesus Christ ever written by the numerous biographers who existed at the referred to time period, in the overall region where the events were said to have taken place.

While such liberties are taken in terms of other deified personages in various religions, etc. Perhaps it can be also said that religions are created by those with the abilities, power and position to fashion events — and people — according to their own liking as well, based on real or fictitious events, people, etc.

The fact that the NT can more easily be regarded as a story than a history creates other problems, as the TJ could be regarded as simply another version of the same story and also not any kind of reliable history. Even in more modern times, with all sorts of recording devices, cameras, etc.

Enter James Deardorff The TJ caught the attention of James Deardorff , a professor and religious scholar who decided to debunk it because he believed it had to be a hoax. Instead, he found that it resolved over inconsistencies that existed in the book of Matthew. Even if we are not scholars, we can see that Deardorff was impressed with the TJ text and took an immense amount of time and effort to diligently research and note the details.

Why would someone be so diligent and concerned about accuracy…if they were trying to further perpetuate, or capitalize on, a religious hoax? Correcting the errors then eliminates these inconsistencies or contradictions. Taking into account that Meier is known to be an outspoken opponent of religions, etc. Assuming that Meier had the opportunity to procced with such an undertaking, we come back to the question of motivation.

High levels of delusion are not unknown among the leaders and members of various religions, cults, sects, offshoot religions, etc. As for James Deardorff, why would a religious scholar come to endorse the authenticity of the TJ over the so-called holy book that he believes in? Could it be possible that the TJ contains the original, non-mystical, non-supernatural, historical narrative of events and teaching surrounding a real flesh and blood human being?

If we view the TJ as such a narrative, absent all of the supernatural aspects of the NT version, is it possible that the original story and text was indeed falsified and manipulated by people who sought power and control through creating a god-like man out of the human being referred to in the TJ?

Would it even be the first, or last, time that the life of a person, or various events, were falsified to create a myth, following, etc.? The Crucifixion We should acknowledge that the crucifixion itself is a very difficult topic. However, the survival of Jmmanuel in either version may pose a problem for religious and non-religious people, for different reasons. We can be grateful that James Deardorff, skeptical as he initially was, dedicated himself to such extensive research, textual comparisons, etc.

The final translation of the Aramaic scrolls written by Judas Ishkerioth, the actual name of the disciple of Jmmanuel. Originally translated by Isa Rashid, with corrections, in and , by Plejaren linguists, with the help of the pure-spirit-level Arahat Athersata, the Plejaren Ptaah, and with information from the storage banks.


Billy Meier

History Channel Admits U. He is constently refering to this document to prove that Chrisitianity is false but it is painfully clear to any sane person that it is a hoax read this blog and see for yourself. Apparently, the conspiracy in this case consists of powerful Jewish and Christian leaders who are able to control police forces in the Middle East, as well as the Israeli army. The Mossad Israeli intelligence are part of it, capable of assassinating people anywhere on the Earth without leaving a trace. And so on.


Did Billy Meier Hoax the Talmud Jmmanuel?






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