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InterDriver files are now installed on your PC. Turning On the Printer To power the printer 1 Place the printer on a stable surface. Danger of personal injury if the printer and power supply are operated in an environment where they can get wet. The built-in memory can be expanded by using a compact flash card if more memory is required for your application.

You will need to purchase and install a compact flash adapter to use a CF card. You can select which memory source you want to use: built-in memory or compact flash.

Page 30 Chapter 2 — Installing the Printer Compact flash card slot cover 5 Insert the compact flash card in the compact flash adapter. Make sure that the card is oriented correctly to fit in the slot. Push firmly to seat the card. Page 31 Chapter 2 — Installing the Printer 3 The printer automatically adjusts the label gap sensor and media feed according to the characteristics of the media.

The printer may feed three to four labels before the adjustment is completed. If you are using peel-off media, remove the labels as they are fed out. After a short delay, a test label will print and the printer will enter Dump mode. Page 32 Chapter 2 — Installing the Printer Tear-Off Tear-Off straight-through media is fed out the front of the printers and can be torn off by pulling it upwards against the edge of the top cover. Cut-Off Cut-Off media requires an optional paper cutter fitted on the front of the printer.

The cutter is not designed to cut through adhesive and doing so will cause the adhesive to stick to the cutting shears and prevent the cutter from operating. Rotate the spindle to fit the inside diameter of the core see the core diameter markings on the spindle. Page 34 Chapter 2 — Installing the Printer 4 Put the label between the label guides and pull it forward. PF8d PF8t 5 Adjust the label guide to fit the media you are using. Page 35 Chapter 2 — Installing the Printer 6 Close the top cover.

Note: If you are loading media for the first time or changing from another type or size of media, perform a label gap sensor adjustment as described on page Loading Media for Peel-Off Operation To load peel-off media 1 Press the cover open buttons on both sides of the case to open the top cover. Page 36 Chapter 2 — Installing the Printer Loading Media for Cut-Off Operation The cutter optional accessory cannot be used to cut through labels, only through the liner between the labels.

Cutting through the labels will cause the adhesive to stick to cutting parts and prevent the cutter from working properly. Media rolls must be wound with the printable side facing upward to prevent jamming the cutter. To load cut-off media 1 Press the release buttons on both sides of the case to open the top cover.

The type of transfer ribbon you use should match the face materials of the media to obtain the best durability and print quality. To load a fresh ribbon roll 1 Press the cover open buttons on both sides of the case to open the top cover. Page 38 Chapter 2 — Installing the Printer 3 Lift the print carriage halfway up while keeping the top cover fully opened. Insert a new ribbon roll onto the ribbon supply shaft. Using the tape fitted at the front of the ribbon leader, attach the leader to the top of the rewind core.

Be careful to center align the ribbon leader with the core. Page 39 Chapter 2 — Installing the Printer 6 Close the print carriage by pressing firmly down on both sides. A loud click indicates the print carriage locked into place.

When you switch between direct thermal and thermal transfer printing, or when you switch between different types of transfer ribbon, you can remove a partially used transfer ribbon and save it for later use. Page 40 Chapter 2 — Installing the Printer 5 Remove the rewind roll by pushing it to the left until the right end disengages, then lift out. Dispose of the used ribbon. Note: Keep the ribbon core. You will need it the next time you load ribbon.


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