Adding manholes, pipes, inlets, bridges, sluices, weirs and pumps lets you accurately model for 1D hydrodynamic simulations and 2D simulations in urban environments and river floodplains, all in a single powerful software. This gives you a holistic view of complete catchment and floodplain behaviour as it happens in reality. It also empowers collaboration between modelers, engineers, and consultants. With data flagging and a clear audit trail for version control, you can be sure you are working with the most current version of the model. You can even revert to an older version if necessary. It gives you much needed flexibility to simplify workflows when building your model or adding system expansions.

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Our workflow automation will bring you closer to more of your stakeholders. Infoworks staff have been working in third sector ICT forever and we have nurtured networks of contacts in many related disciplines and organisations. So why not give us a call! What does Infoworks get out of this? We keep our finger on the pulse and we create a lot of goodwill towards Infoworks - we need both for long term success Give us a try - call Or drop us a line - FreeSoundingBoard infoworks. Why not sound us out?

No two record exactly the same thing in exactly the same way. Every organisation shares some the core processes shown here. And most organisations will feature at least one of these four. PaperBuilding may be the solution to your biggest problem Lots of software projects fail. That might affect you. PaperBuilding draws out the underlying requirement from non-technical staff using simple pictures and lists to create a paper prototype.

And the good news is that projects that start right, provided everyone keeps their eyes on the ball, finish right.

ARMY FM 25-101 PDF

Improve Customer Service and Reduce Costs

With more than 15 years on the international market, it quickly became a standard among hundreds of enterprises — designers, consultants and utility operators around the globe. The comprehensive and purposely designed functionality allows for dramatic productivity boost of the engineering teams. The platform brings high level of work flow automation thus significantly reducing the costs for designing, hydraulic modelling and operations management of water supply systems. Generating demand scaling templates; Real-life modelling of pumps and hydraulic control structures valves, PRVs, etc. Setting up user libraries with pumps using manufacturers data or theoretical curves. Visual modelling of logical programmable controls for water supply networks User Programmable Control ; Setting up libraries with hydraulic and operations time series flows, velocities, pressures, levels, pump states, etc. The engineers can benefit from a special SQL implementation that has been dramatically enhanced with a number of additional functions, ready to use topological relations, procedural elements variables, loops, conditions, etc.


Industry's Leading Hydraulic and Hydrologic Modeling Software

Running simulations on a central, corporate server in the background, means that local productivity is unaffected. Demand Management Defining the demand pattern is an essential part of the model calibration process. InfoWorks WS Pro enables the automatic definition of a demand pattern for unprofiled demand based on telemetry data, taking into account leakages and known demand patterns. Critical Asset Analysis Every water supply network contains assets that are critical due to the number or type of customers affected by failure. Some are even located in places where repairs are difficult to carry out. InfoWorks WS Pro quickly assesses the effect of a critical asset failure and its impact on customers. Scenario Planning and Fire-Flow Analysis Automated Fire Hydrant Testing runs can be applied to any network to determine if the fire-flow criteria for the residual pressures at the hydrant, zone, or system is satisfied.


What's new in InfoWorks WS Pro 4.0

Now users can quickly save views of a particular geographic location to reference later or to share with colleagues. Spatial bookmarks save the view you are working on while you zoom in or pan out of a view. The bookmark allows you to snap back to the selected view. It is still fully customizable. You can zoom in on the view quickly as there is no need for the system to include all the extraneous detail. This feature makes it easier to see the elements of the network that you choose and considerably increases the drawing speed.

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