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Available worldwide, these Models replace Models Tx3, Tx4, and Tx5 and can easily be configured by users to print DBCS double-byte character set characters used in some Asia-Pacific countries, or SBCS single-byte character set characters, used in most other countries throughout the world.

Servicing and managing these new POS printers is very simple and easy. Light-Path management coupled with tool-less replacement of major assemblies plus enhanced systems management sensors and usage counters make these models very easy to service and manage. Customers who choose to service their own printers will value the CRU customer replaceable unit replacement of the thermal print head, the main card assembly, and the communication interface adapter. All packaging materials and most of the materials used to manufacture the printer are recyclable.

Additionally, these printers are designed to print the very latest in receipt media technology - new polymer receipt media, which offers a very green alternative to paper receipt media.

Several ease-of-use features have been added to these new models. Easy drop-and-load paper loading and a cover open button make paper loading fast and easy. Support for large four-inch diameter paper rolls minimizes labor expenses by reducing roll changes. These new models are designed to reduce the number of models offered and to accommodate late reconfiguration in the manufacturing and delivery process. Both the covers and interface card are features of the printer.

Printer covers are nonfunctional and allow easy removal and replacement to accommodate color change. Submit an RPQ to purchase replacement cover sets. This reduces the number of models and allows easy connection of cables to the interface card before it is attached to the printer.

Improved Paper Roll Support Larger paper rolls means less paper changes. New Low Paper Sensor Others printers may have low paper sensors but ours leads the pack in reliability and flexibility with remotely programmable set points. Improved Check Processing It is quieter and has several anti-jam features.

Improved Thermal Print Head The thermal print head is designed to print ,m of receipts. Reliability and availability have been increased with additional sensors to improve diagnostics and ensure limits are not exceeded. New Light Path Diagnostics Many problems can now be diagnosed over the phone! Lights illuminate the problem area to quickly and accurately identify what needs to be fixed. New Customer Serviceable The receipt station print head, logic card and interface adapter can be replaced by just about anyone!

This means that you can express replacements to the store without having to call for on site service. More Memory Memory available to store logos, fonts, bitmaps and information has been increased 6x previous generation. More Statistics Statistics are important to increase availability via accurate predictive preventative maintenance. More statistics means more aspects of the printer health can be checked remotely!

It fits in current integration trays making upgrades simple. Features with this symbol are available in either Native mode or Compatibility Mode. Maximum benefit is achieved in Native mode but significant improvements are possible in Compatibility mode. This model can also replace the TI5. Does not include interface adapter. Note: Although you can order the printer by itself without an interface adapter, it requires one to function.

All options are replaceable or reconfigurable by the customer See Pictorial Feature Guide for feature codes and part numbers. RES2 is a module on selling the printers.

You can enroll using the following links. A: You use the off-line menu system as covered in the Users Reference. How do I get a demonstration? A: To get maximum speed, the printer must run in Native Mode. Driver updates supporting Native Mode will be available in August We plan to add an off-line sample receipt demo that is independent of software later this month.

Q:Is there a check imager option? The TI9 will continue on for those who need check imaging. How do I order a SureMark with cash drawer? A: You have to use to get the cash drawer and till and lock. The 2CR did not release the cash drawer family since they are available as system devices.

The print head has the same dot pitch DPI so it should look the same. Q: If this is possible, the loading of the font is done using the same utility for loading fonts on previous models? A: Yes, user defined fonts are available. Q: Can you tell me what the off-line print head tests reports mean?

A: The thermal print head test has two parts, the first is a general measurement with all dots off to see if there are shorts between pins. The more shorts, the lower the reported number. A typical value for a new print head would be above The relative dot resistance table is of each dot tested individually.

Typically they would be around when new. When a dot fails open, the value would be higher. The exact value varies depending on the failure mode. The impact print head test is for open coils. You will only see 9 values in the table. If the value for one coil is significantly higher than the others and there appears to be a dot missing from test prints, it means the coil is open for that wire.

The results of this test should not be the sole determining factor for replacing a print head. The results of this test should be confirmed with a visual inspection of test documents. A: The factory default mode is Compatibility. Cables Dimensions The following table provides a summary of the dimensions and weights.


IBM 4610-2CR



IBM / Toshiba 4610-2CR and 2NR Parts


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