Cell[ edit ] At least the Imperial Guard gets some backup, amirite? They have no support base, no guiding ideology, and no way of telling if the tentacle monster is really going to rape, kill, and eat them Spoiler: It will, and not necessarily in that order. So what do they have to help? Compacts[ edit ] When a bunch of cells met up and decide they have more in common than being killed by werewolves on a monthly basis, they sometimes form into a compact, a collection of cells that go from citywide to nationwide. But the important thing is that now they have some help to call on and a better selection of resources to work with.

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Aegis Kai Doru, who focus on finding and gathering powerful artifacts. Also the Loyalists of Thule and Ascending Ones when the situation calls for it. Agent Scully : The Null Mysteriis could fall under this. Agent Mulder : The Null Mysteriis could also fall under this.

Most fall in that middle zone called "proper scientist" Network Zero most definitely fall under this. One of their Benedictions allows them to bring the dead back to life, something that no other group, not even the supernatural creatures, can actually do. No, not even the mages before Archmagery, anyway.

The Aegis Kai Doru has a similar power, with similar side effects. Almighty Janitor : Block By Bloody Block has a greater demon janitor, with almost complete control of a university and its staff.

He still pushes a broom around. Hunters themselves often have careers outside of hunting, many of them blue collar of some kind. Cheiron harvest things from other dimensions. Ambadassador : The Ascending Ones are often willing to negotiate peace between rival monster groups in hopes of avoiding the collateral damage of an Enemy Civil War. Ancient Conspiracy : Take your pick. Oddly enough, most of them are really good things for the most part.

From a human standpoint, anyway. And Then John Was a Zombie : Quite possible, since hunters are mortals, and the state of mortality is Depending on the supernatural creature a hunter becomes though, he may not mind , especially if his cell was already a cancer cell which, in the Van Helsing Hate Crimes terminology of Hunter, means a cell with a supernatural being having unofficial membership or at least a close friendship.

A dramatic failure causes the Elixir to work as intended Aristocrats Are Evil : The Ashwood Abbey, as shown in the corebook, are portrayed this way, to the point that any player character who joins them is basically a Villain Protagonist. The Barrett Commission includes quite a few law-men that kill vampires. Arrested for Heroism : Most hunters run the risk of running afoul of authority. Evil vs. Evil is as usual the hallmark of the world of darkness, and playable splats are almost inevitably tilted toward villainy.

Authority Equals Asskicking : Averted, since some hunters need an administrator more than a killer to organize their affairs. Asskicking Equals Authority : This is very common, especially among the Cainites.

The only other beings with the power to resurrect the dead are the Arisen and the Unchained. Badass Army : Every conspiracy has one, coated in its own distinct flavour. Badass Bookworm : One of the hats of the Loyalists of Thule. Badass Normal : Most hunters. Hunters at the Conspiracy level have the option of purchasing Endowments, hypertech or mystical equipment or abilities that even the playing field somewhat at the cost of this trope.

This is in contrast to Hunter: The Reckoning , where the Hunters were all supernaturally empowered themselves.

Badass Preacher : This is a Long Night archetype. What do you want? A personal defence swarm of angry magical insects embedded into your arm? A rotten human hand that can shoot fire, and hypnotize those that look at it?

Why the hell not? Some of their powers include summoning demons, throwing Hellfire and making someone bleed out of their skin so that tracking them is easier. Bavarian Fire Drill : The core rulebook has a price list for different kind of forged IDs, be they police badges or press cards.

Bee Bee Gun : Cheiron may be amoral bastards out for the profit margin, but at least they give you a magical hand that shoots bees. Well, Pandoran bees, at least. Berserk Button : Every Charmer and Psycho has at least one topic of conversation that, if broached, will send them into a foaming rage. It is not the only example in their arsenal. Black and Grey Morality : The gray is lighter than most , but played very straight in Block by Bloody Block: None of the individuals feuding over the example city are particularly nice, and a few are just plain monstrous we have an arrogant demon squatting in a college, a Straw Nihilist street priest who may or may not be an insane angel, the Cheiron-employed ice queen driving wedges between the factions so she can harvest the remains..

Black-and-Gray Morality is also a fundamental aspect of the Compacts and Conspiracies. Blessed with Suck : Thaumatechnology endowments have unpleasant drawbacks.

Good lord The Malleus Maleficarum also know a Benediction that can cause the target to suddenly, spontaneously bleed. Used against a female mage, it usually causes her to spontaneously start her period. And the Lucifuge have a Castigation ritual that makes a murderer constantly bleed from their hands, allowing them to be easily tracked. It comes in handy for tracking down slashers.

Harmful blood, protective blood, blood boost, blood that traps vampires, mind-controlling blood Breaking Speech : A special ability of the "Maniac" slashers; who are explicitly based on Hannibal Lector. Body Surf : Owls also known as Strix are ghostly spirits that hijack human and vampire bodies, transforming them into Bloodjackers, creatures somewhere between a vampire and a zombie. Elder Demons are also prone to doing this. Boring, but Practical : As Witch Finders notes, Task Force: VALKYRIE tends to use regular small arms when dealing with Mages and witches, usually coupled with busting down their door and throwing a flashbang into the room, since Mages die just as easily as a regular person if taken by surprise, and using heavier ordinance and high-tech gadgets tends to be a waste of ammunition and resources.

Bottomless Magazines : The Knights of Saint Adrian can get a picture of a weapon tattooed on them and from then on have infinite ammunition for that particular weapon. Unless you survive and upgrade to Mauve Shirt. Captain Ersatz : One of the pictures in the core Vigil rulebook is Dante with a rifle instead of a sword. Justified in the worst way, as it was lifted from a picture of Dante. City of Adventure : Philadelphia. Collector of the Strange : Aegis Kai Doru.

Continuity Nod : Division Six hunts "reality deviants", but are actually the pawns of evil mages. Sound familiar? The Cainite Heresy hears voices from unknown messengers, urging them to fight the supernatural and granting them powers to do so. Corrupt Church : The Maleficarum is sponsored by the Vatican, led by a ghoul, condones torture, and listens in on confessions. The Order of St. George is ostensibly a Christian charity group that sponsors soup kitchens and small town churches.

Crapsack World : It is the World of Darkness. However, this game plays with the trope — Hunters are humans who saw how much the world sucks, said "Screw this! Get the hell out of Philadelphia. Damaged Soul : The conspiracy known as the Malleus Maleficarum run by the Vatican has obtained the power of the Benediction. The only issue is that the resurrected person comes back with a major derangement think schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc. However, it is also implied that they use torture and brainwashing to force their kin into joining the conspiracy.

A picture in the sourcebook also depict them performing Human Sacrifice. The Dark Side Will Make You Forget : Legends normally started as Avengers, with specific targets for their vigilante deeds, but as they evolve into supernatural beings, they generally tend to forget about the original Hunt. Whether the battle against the darkness is hopeless or if the hunters can and do make a real difference is likewise. One of the sourcebooks even gives them Compound Rounds which include trace elements of everything known to hurt some kind of supernatural being: iron, salt, silver, gold, holy water Taken Up to Eleven in the setting of Philadelphia, where the mood is "Not in my backyard" and the Hunters spend more time bickering about petty territorial matters than actually fighting the Supernaturals.

Most of these But for those mere mortals who stand up to the darkness, and fight back, they can, very occasionally, really make the World of Darkness just a little bit brighter.

Ashwood Abbey. The Hunt Club is what happens when this and Serial Killer get together. The Bear Lodge can show shades of this, depending on how antagonistic the werewolf in the sights is. Eldritch Abomination : The Cheiron Group is secretly run by a group of these, using illusions to appear human. Thus, making them They still count.

This includes cold iron, salt, gold, silver, wood slivers, holy water, communion wafer crumbs, and various plants and herbs. They do enhanced damage against every type of creature. Additionally, various conspiracies have their own paradigms, and may view some creatures as "less supernatural" or less dangerous than others e.

Even Evil Has Standards : According to legend, Ashwood Abbey once invited Jack the Ripper to join them hunting the supernatural — provided he stop killing human women. Eventually though Jack got bored with monster slaying and went back to carving up prostitutes, at which point the Abbey hunted him down and killed him. The Hunt Club is composed entirely of serial killers who have a point system for their murders.

The concept of the Lucifuge terrifies them. The slasher only needs to observe someone for five minutes to use it, and the amount of information that they get out of using it borders on mind reading; People resist this ability via their Karma Meter. Evil : The Cheiron Group in particular are not nice, and Slashers will often continue hunting supernatural quarry. These are treated as equal strays from basic human morality.

Technically speaking, they are: they all deviate from the Morality scale Hunter uses, although they are obviously at different points at the scale. The rules for re-defining Morality are the same at every level.


World of Darkness: Slasher

Organizations[ edit ] Hunters operate socially, in collectives and groups of various sizes. The smallest organizational unit in which hunters operate is the cell. Cells operate independently of one another, frequently without even being aware of the existence of other cells in the region. Individual cells make up for their lack of firepower with flexibility and local knowledge. Characters affiliations are categorized into 3 tiers: First-tier Characters individuals who for various reasons do not affiliate with any organization other than their Cell Second-tier Characters individuals who belong to Compacts, small and loosely connected organizations Third-tier Characters individuals who belong to Conspiracies, large global groups that command greater power and resources Cells occasionally discover one another and band together for strength and mutual support.


Hunter: The Vigil

Aegis Kai Doru, who focus on finding and gathering powerful artifacts. Also the Loyalists of Thule and Ascending Ones when the situation calls for it. Agent Scully : The Null Mysteriis could fall under this. Agent Mulder : The Null Mysteriis could also fall under this. Most fall in that middle zone called "proper scientist" Network Zero most definitely fall under this.


Hunter society can be divided into three tiers of organization - cells , compacts , and conspiracies. Cells Cells are the basic unit of hunter society, typically a small group of people who defend their neighborhood or community. There may be a number of cells operating in a city at any time. Compacts Edit Compacts are the next tier up from cells.

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