Honeywell Product Description: The Honeywell is a 2-zone temperature sensor or flood detector. Together with the TR it will act as a temperature probe detector. And, together with the PB it will act as a flood detector. The sensor can be configured to operate as either a Temperature Sensor or Flood Detector. It can only do one selected function at a time plus cold sensing, yielding two simultaneous functions maximum.

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When replacing the battery, wait at least 30 seconds after removing the old battery, before installing the new one. Install or replace the battery as follows: 1.

Install a 3-volt lithium battery as shown in Figure 1. Table 1 provides a list of the various operating modes of the with the respective Loop and DIP Switch settings for each. Note that Cold Temp Sensing can be used in combination with any of the other operating modes. To use the transmitter to monitor two different conditions, you must program each loop used on the as its own zone, and you must set the DIP Switches as shown for the combination functions in Table 1. Once you have selected an operating mode and have set the DIP Switches accordingly, you must enroll the transmitter in the control panel.

When programming the transmitter in the control panel, note that you must program a separate zone for each loop you are using on the transmitter. To program: 1.

Enter the zone number to be programmed. Enter the applicable zone type when prompted zone types such as Hr.

Aux, Waterflow, etc. When prompted for the serial number, transmit from the detector by pressing the tamper switch.

When the serial number is displayed, transmit from the detector again by pressing the tamper switch. The current loop number 4 will begin to flash. Manually change the loop number to the desired loop number for the zone according to the application—see Table 1. When programming for this zone is complete, program other zones for the transmitter as necessary each loop requires its own zone. Exit Programming mode when programming is complete, and test the detector. Refer to the Testing section.


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