Aunque no son totalmente evitables, el cirujano debe conocer las posibles complicaciones y sus causas para lograr reducir su incidencia. En un estudio retrospectivo que hemos realizado sobre 1. Se ha observado una tasa mayor de infecciones en hernias incarceradas, recidivadas y crurales, en pacientes de edad avanzada, intervenciones prolongadas y cuando se mantiene un drenaje largo tiempo Lo mismo sucede con los biomateriales trenzados.

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A swollen scrotum within males may coincide with persistent feelings of heaviness or generalized lower abdominal discomfort. The sensation of groin pressure tends to be most prominent at the end of the day as well as after strenuous activities.

Changes in sensation may be experienced along the scrotum and inner thigh. Symptoms include: [9] [3] [11] Fever Extreme pain in the area of the hernia Warm hernia bulge with surrounding skin redness Can no longer pass gas or stool Surgical repair within 6 hours of the above symptoms may be able to save the strangulated portion of intestine. Such cases include: [11] [2] [4] Repair using mesh is withheld if a person has an active infection within the groin or within the blood stream Elective repair is delayed in pregnant women until 4 weeks after delivery Additionally, certain medical conditions can prevent people from being candidates for laparoscopic approaches to repair.

Examples of such include: [9] [2] [4] People who are unable to undergo general anesthesia Prior major open abdominal surgery People who have ascites Previous radiation therapy to the pelvis A complex hernia Surgical approaches[ edit ] Techniques to repair inguinal hernias fall into two broad categories termed "open" and " laparoscopic ".

They recommend the routine use of reusable instruments as well as improving the proficiency of surgeons to help further decrease costs as well as time spent in the OR. Once exposed, the hernia sac is returned to the abdominal cavity or excised and the abdominal wall is very often reinforced with mesh. Prosthetic repairs enable surgeons to repair a hernia without causing undue tension in the surrounding tissues while reinforcing the abdominal wall.

Repairs with undue tension have been shown to increase the likelihood that the hernia will recur. Repairs not using prosthetic mesh are preferable options in patients with an above-average risk of infection such as cases where the bowel has become strangulated blood supply lost due to constriction.

People can be administered local anesthesia , a spinal block , as well as general anesthesia. However, people who undergo general anesthesia tend to be able to go home faster and experience fewer complications. Animation in the reference. Repairs that utilize mesh are usually the first recommendation for the vast majority of patients including those that undergo laparoscopic repair.

Synthetic mesh provides the option of using "heavyweight" as well as "lightweight" variations according to the diameter and number of mesh fibers. They tend to have lower tensile strength than their synthetic counterparts lending them to higher rates of mesh rupture. It only has one 3-year pre-clinical evidence on sheep. The European Hernia Society recommends that in cases where an open approach is indicated, the Lichtenstein technique be utilized as the preferred method.

This has led to the European Hernia Society recommending that the technique not be used in most cases.


ReparaciĆ³n de hernia inguinal

Su pared abdominal se fortalece y se soporta con suturas puntos , y en ocasiones con malla. Anestesia regional , la cual lo adormece de la cintura hasta los pies. Se localiza la hernia y se separa de los tejidos a su alrededor. Se extirpa el saco de la hernia o esta se reintroduce suavemente dentro del abdomen.


Inguinal hernia surgery


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