The weather forecast had predicted a clear afternoon, but the sun was fighting an uphil battle and the sky remained a cheerless, gunmetal gray. Occasional y the watery sunlight broke through and fingers of light danced across the grounds, warming the back of my neck. I keep forgetting about Hal oween. Why would anyone want to dress up as ghosts and zombies? I needed to stop being so wary.

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Story time! Warning: do not try this at home. You may or may not get injured and some very severe scolding will follow. I also begrudgingly give this book 1. One day, when I was about 8 or so, my family and I made our yearly trip up to Mackinac Island, Michigan. Pretty much a disaster waiting to happen. Everyone knows that once you get anywhere between the ages of a weird combination comes into play.

Now, I thought I was an amazing and highly responsible leader and repeatedly checked back to make sure that my family was following, and it was during one of those times that a five year old boy, chasing a ball, ran right out in front of me and I pretty much plowed over the little guy. This, for me, was Halo.

Except I was the boy chasing the ball, also known as the pretty cover of Halo, and Adornetto was me on that bike, and she just rammed right into me with the horribleness of that book as soon as I opened to the front page.

After a firm scolding from my parents, I dropped back into the middle of my little family pack and tried to watch where I was going. Adornetto tried to change it up by " listening" if you could even say that to our advice, but she still ended up with a fail of a book and we still get fucked as readers, and people who ride bikes still get fucked up by me on accident.

Since I started my Halo review with Bethany, I"m going to follow suit here and begin with the royal pain in the ass Bethany again.

I already said that? I never see you apart. Actually do something about it. And where the hell is Adornetto living? That has not and never will be a cute nickname. If anything, it reminds me more of a different kind of bear No, Bethany, just no.

Love can do many things, but there still are limits. At all. Even with my enormous amount of adoration of you I will still continue to eat and drink in your honor. And Bethany, even with all of her posturing, is still a giant idiot! Oh nononononononono Adornetto. I cannot even stand the thought of that and to have it written in a story that actually got published is She also has little to no sense of self-preservation whatsoever, or any kind of wits: "Something was wrong.

I could feel it. Every celestial instinct warned me that we needed to get out of here. I found a weeping willow in the front yard and leaned against its sturdy trunk. If every celestial bone in your body is telling you to get the fuck out of there, what would you do?

Yeah, I would, too, but Bethany here decides to go lean against a tree? How, in any, way, shape, or form, is this running? Then there was the whole scene with Jake being able to kidnap Bethany. I mean, how gullible can one person truly be? And you know what? Nothing bad really ever happens to Bethany throughout the whole book.

But, no, she gets saved in the nick of time and gets to go back home and graduate. I just wanted even the tiniest bit of character development from her due to a hardship or some kind of calamity happening, but I got absolutely nothing. Dwight, sum it up for me, will ya? For now Just like a book that I had read previously, and also reviewed with a great amount of fury, Passion , Adornetto severely fucked up Lucifer. He held an ivory-topped cane that he tapped softly on the cement floor His skin was tanned and leathery and his eyes were a pellucid blue but devoid of any expression.

He was immaculately groomed and wore his silver hair tied back loosely with a gilded clasp. Fear me; for I make people fat! And get this: they call him Big Daddy. He probably should have just left her alone with herself and she would have done the job by the end of the day. She also frequently forgets her writing and either contradicts herself or repeats something that she said only a mere sentence ago: "Its tall windows were opaque from a fine layer of accumulated dust and grime.

The room itself was empty except for an iron bedstead pushed up against a grimy window. You already told us that the windows were grimy, so why tell us yet again with this specific window; why even mention it at all? You literally cannot die as long as you and your idiot brain is contaminating walking the earth!

Stop being a pussy and just do it! Bethany should have done whatever it took to get off of that motorcycle, but instead she just sat there and passed out. There were exorcisms, pits of hell with flaying, beating, and burning people alive, weird erotic pain, and all-around dark topics. Whatever Bethany is a lower rank greeter angel so I guess falling in love is If it continues This is how it went warning this is a little long because the book is so damn long : Bethany: I love you.


Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto – Book Review



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