When I got bitten by the reading bug back in I started to collect books by two criteria: they had to be affordable and they had to be hard to come by. Rather than spend my babysitting money on the then popular books, I tended to go for old books and ones I had never heard of. In other words, my shelf devoted to my books quickly filled up and I read maybe a percentage of them. About ten years after I bought Simulacron-3 by Daniel F. Galouye my husband and I went to see a fun science fiction film, The Thirteen Floor.

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Ultimately, the narrative poses questions that are impossible to resolve even after the book is over. I found it more frustrating than entertaining to read this book, and rated it what I did primarily for its concept. This was a blast to the end, with plenty of tripped-out twists and revelations, many of which you could see coming from a mile away thanks to the basic idea being hammered into the ground in more recent times. Maybe the sun, or perhaps some other fundamental props, would start popping out of existence first.

Le ombre sono ombre, o sono esse stesse essenza? Il concept ruota tutto attorno alle domande base da porsi quando si ragiona di universi simulati. A Bookcrossing friend contacted me shortly after I had registered the book and asked to borrow it, pointing out the connection to The Thirteen Floor.

That was a very pleasant surprise. I saw that much through empathy coupling. Oct 29, Kevin rated it really liked it Shelves: Little did I know it was the basis of many other subsequent works, including one of my favorite movies, The Thirteenth Floor. The Simulacron-3 could help manage the nation efficiently, but it would put the pollsters to unemployment, and they do constitute the most important corporation in this peculiar society. You see, I lost you up there. Orphan Black — Season 2.

This is how corporations fix their products, this is how politics are decided. Thus, Hall must find his way through this strange New Orleans to determine the identity of the murderer and the motive.

Sep 11, John rated it it was amazing. Daniel Galouye Simulacron 3 Pelo visto, Galouye, mesmo depois de sua morte, permanece sendo um sujeito sem sorte. But galoyue is the sixties, Philip K. What astounded me to jaw dropping proportions about this book is that, published init effectively predicted the rise of social networking Facebook and the like by decades. At its best, this book is an exploration of what it means to be a living creature.

While I found many aspects of some of the characters to be flat and not well developed, the farther into the story I read the less I cared about the deficiencies—without offering any spoilers, I will simply state that there are reasons for this opinion.

Per inciso, non leggete il risvolto di co Pubblicato nelma potrebbe essere stato scritto domani. And time is running out. Dick would produced more work in about the same simulaxron-3 span. Simulacron 3 by Daniel F. The mystery aspect to the novel is quite fascinating, though, and it builds as Hall discovers more and more clues about his world. I had to find some other way. Related Posts





Simulacron 3


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