Why Fujikura? Fujikura Fusion Splicer contributes in your everyday life more than you would know. When talking on the phone or using the internet, our splicers are used to connect optical fibers with superior precision to ensure your data are transmitted reliably anywhere. Fusion splicers have contributed in telecommunications, medical application, image process, energy research where light matters.

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USB OTDR working mechanism is such that it sends laser pulse into the fiber under test and picks up the scattered optical signals by avalanche photodiode. It is the first OTDR with a tablet like appearance with 7inch display, widows firmware and rugged body design makes it fit to the outside environment testing.

Having its headquarters situated at Milpitas, California, it is exporting its products all over the world. The demand for OTDR has highly increased. In many cases technicians are asked to show the Otdr traces paper report for customer satisfaction.

Based upon the working mode, dynamic range and wavelength there are many types of OTDRs available with slight variation in price in India, which are as follows. With the OTDR, we can get a snapshot of the newly installed fiber. This snapshot gives information the technician, about splice loss, measurement length and faults if any available in the fiber.

OTDR are most effective in testing long cables approximately mts or feet or cable plate with splices. Due to tremendous application of fibers in networking and communication firm, there testing before and after installation becomes a mandatory step for the field technicians.

As the applications of this OTDR Machine are increasing day by day, their demand is also increasing by manifold. To fulfill the upcoming demand, many companies with expert assistance have involved in manufacturing of OTDR Machines.

Likewise Mini OTDRis the testing equipment which is many functions packed in a handy and compact machine. Imitating a debit card swiping machine in bank, this machine is widely choose among all the field technicians. The fluke OTDR are available in the market as optifiber with unbelievable price ranges with sophisticated features. Fluke OTDR are generally available as a package than single testing alone. As these are placed underground, their status checking needs testing instruments like OTDR.


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