Он подает нагрузку в цепь на коммутаторы, кабели и коммутационные панели, измеряя при этом напряжение и используемые пары. Возможность проверки TruePower настоящей мощности позволит быстро подготовить сети до установки видеокамер, точек доступа и телефонов. Доступность ключевого устройства и приложения В дополнение к функции ping, которая может блокирываться, LinkRunner AT производит открытое испытание порта TCP, чтобы верифицировать подключение приложения через IPv4 и IPv6. Аутентификация Трассировка и идентификация кабелей У Вас есть возможность отбирать свой кабель порт среди других при помощи встроенного тонального генератора и индуктивного щупа входит не во все комплекты. Цифровой режим генерации тона позволит работать на активных сетях и в условиях сильных помех, аналоговый служит для точного отбора необходимых проводников.

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Install and run preferred Android-based apps for speed tests, device configuration, and workflow management with smartphone-like features. Automate reporting and enable collaboration with upload and management of test results via Link-Live Cloud Service. Overview The LinkRunner G2 Smart Network Tester simplifies network validation and the configuration of copper and fiber Ethernet networks, streamlining workflows by combining essential functions of installation and triage in a single, ruggedized unit.

The LinkRunner G2 features an intuitive design that runs Android-based apps with smartphone-like features. This next-generation tester will help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of network operations by accelerating network deployment and problem identification. It performs an advanced set of network functional-tests automatically when network link is detected on its RJ interface.

It is customizable to verify the network at various stages of completion. The AutoTest result is automatically uploaded to the complimentary Link-Live Cloud Portal for storage and report generation. With the flexibility of adding Android Apps, it empowers the onsite team to get the network up and running quickly.

Benefits: This advanced test function is not available in any other network test tool. This replaces the need to use a protocol analyzer to decode the DHCP packets to troubleshoot advanced DHCP server configuration issues, saving time and effort.

Switch Allows you to quickly validate switch connectivity and configuration. If PoE is enabled, test the power that the switch can offer under load, against what the switch advertises. Cable Validate cable wiring and distance, or identify cable faults. Benefits: Quickly identify cable faults like opens, shorts, or split pairs. Tone Apply a tone to the cable. Benefits: Simplify the process of tracing a cable by applying different types of tones. No need to disconnect the cable from the switch.

Technicians can easily access advanced tools such as VLAN monitoring or packet captures to accelerate root cause analysis during escalation. Benefits: Quickly adjust to your test environment by easily creating configuration profiles that can be used when needed. Loaded PoE testing is critical when it comes to verifying high-power PoE applications. LinkRunner G2 provides the visibility you need to assure proper configurations, saving time and frustration.

The LinkRunner G2 has a built-in camera on the back of the unit to take snapshots of the site, or you can import an image from the photo gallery.

Benefits: Simplify the process of documenting what the on-site technician sees by attaching images, screenshots, or comments to the test results.

The information is automatically associated with the test result in the complimentary Link-Live cloud service for easy job report generation. This is far easier than relying on emails or manual consolidation of data and test results. Many Android apps can be downloaded from the complimentary appstore in the Link-Live Cloud Service to conduct various tasks beyond network testing. Android app-share is supported to allow screenshots or other information generated from 3rd party apps to be uploaded to the Link-Live cloud service for storage or sharing.

Benefits: With an abundance of 3rd party Android apps, LinkRunner G2 replaces the need to bring a fragile laptop or unsecured mobile phone onsite.

Load the circuit to stress switches, cabling, and patch panels, all while measuring the voltage and pairs being used. Using the TruePower test to validate the power delivery before installing IoT connected devices ensures a smooth deployment and helps to alleviate finger-pointing.

Enhanced, user-defined AutoTest can perform a required set of connectivity tests within seconds. The LinkRunner G2 Smart Network Tester enables you to quickly and accurately validate network health, and solve problems fast. Once the instrument is connected to the Link-Live Cloud Service, your test results are automatically uploaded to the dashboard for project management and reporting. You have the option of uploading additional files, screenshots, images, profiles, packet captures, location information, and comments anytime.

An API is available to retrieve and integrate data from Link-Live into other management platforms, such as your trouble-ticket application or network management system.

This gives you the ability to easily provide proof-of-performance and better manage jobs and staff efficiency. Below is a comparison chart between LinkRunner G2 vs.


REVIEW: Network test tools from Fluke, NETSCOUT and SignalTEK

The main unit measures about 7 inches high, 3. The detachable remote unit on top measures about 1. The main unit is encased in a durable plastic cover, which also has a retractable stand on the back to prop up the unit on a surface. This could be a significant inconvenience for those using the unit often.


Fluke Networks LinkRunner at 2000 Network CONNECTIVITY Tester

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