There was nothing about the tiny place to suggest permanency of any kind. There were no knickknacks, no green plants, no family pictures. It was a place to sleep, a place to come home to at the end of the day, nothing more. Alexis Thorn was an alias. It was a far cry from being a high-powered securities broker in her other life, that was for sure.

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Shelves: mystery-shelf , e-book Payback by Fern Michaels is a Zebra publication. Years ago, It was suggested to me that I might like this series. But, I was skeptical because at that time I was into really dark, gritty novels and looking at the book covers, this one as an example, with a white picket fence and red roses on it, I was sure it was too syrupy for me. But, when I received a copy of one the sisterhood novels as a gift a while back I thought- Why not?

As it turns out I really liked the book, and wanted to read Payback by Fern Michaels is a Zebra publication. In this case, Julia, a doctor and the wife of a prominent senator, discovers her husband is a philanderer and has given her HIV. Still, Jack is a very stubborn man, so I doubt he has fully learned his lesson. I enjoyed this one well enough, but certain parts of the plot puzzled me, like Julia insisting on keeping her diagnosis a secret from her husband.

It seems to me that the longer she waited, the more likely he could infect someone else. What sold this one for me was the drama between Nikki and Jack and his obsession with finding out what the ladies were up to, which led him into territory he never dreamed of.

I know there are books in this series that were a lot stronger than this one. But, it was nice to go back and read one of the older titles and get a little more background on the long running series.

Overall 3 stars I will probably work my way through the entire series, and enjoy them. The plots are sometimes quite implausible but still it makes the reader wish for a group like this who can help exact revenge.

I recommend this series for light, enjoyable reading. I like that it is suspenseful and an easy read. I enjoy my clean, Christian books so much more. The characters are remarkable and endearing. The mission of the sisterhood and how it is accomplished is always intriguing. I do plan to read the entire series.


Payback (Sisterhood Series #2)

In fact, many writers tend to fail and be stuck writing one type of genre for the rest of their life. Fern Michaels is one of the most prolific romance and thriller authors of this day and age, and continues to write novels that hit home and are real page turners. To learn all about this incredible writer, read on to learn of her, life, career, books, and the future for her writing career now. She was born at a very small weight, weighing only four and a half pounds at birth. She still is called this very old nickname by her beloved family and friends.



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