It delivers value, convenience and performance. Engineered for radiant, big-screen presentations, the EBW features native WXGA x resolution — a must-have for delivering HD video content or high-resolution images from your widescreen notebook. Wireless DICOM Simulation Mode — Specialised imaging uses standardised greyscale to reproduce medical images such as x-rays for medical training and education. One brightness measurement lumens is not enough. If colour brightness is lower than white brightness, images may be dark, dull and lose detail.

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No Bluetooth connectivity Weak speakers Projectors are becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to liven up their boardroom, taking over from the days of having to crowd around a laptop, or spend time connecting up confusing networks of wires. Design As the name suggests, one of the stand-out features of the PowerLite W is its lightweight build.

Weighing in at just 1. Setting the device up to start projecting is easy, with a small kickstand operated by a simple switch, and a lengthy power cable ensuring there should be no need to scrabble around for the right connections.

Setup The Epson W is incredibly easy to set up, featuring a straight-forward plug and play process to get the device up to speed quickly.

This allows you to quickly connect up to your laptop or PC, with the Epson W coming with speedy Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to present wirelessly from a laptop, tablet or even your mobile phone. The PowerLite W comes with a throw range of between inches around 76cm - 7. Unfortunately, the sound quality from the device is quite weak, with the Epson W not packing the same audio punch that its high quality images deserve.

If you are looking to play videos or audio as part of your daily use, it might be worth investing in some better speakers. As with many projectors, heat can also sometimes be an issue, with part of the device getting rather warm once it gets up to speed, but this quickly cools down after shutting off.

But in summary, the PowerLite W is an extremely high-level and top-quality projector. Verdict With projectors now a common sight in homes and businesses these days, the need for an affordable and portable device is more important than ever. The slim and light build of the device helps it stand out from the crowd in terms of usability, making the PowerLite W ideal for carrying around to multiple locations, and the incredibly useful plug-and-play functionality making it stand out from the crowd.

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