Add to basket Add to wishlist Description AcknowledgmentsHollywood is a town of fabulators. The people who dwell there create fictions for a living, fictions that refuse tidily to confine themselves to the screen, but spill over into the daily lives of the men and women who regard themselves as stars in the movies of their own lives. This is particularly true in the case of Hollywood, where despite the reams of memos and contracts that now gather dust on the shelves of university libraries, very little of what really matters is committed to paper, so that an endeavor of this sort is dependent on memory -- in this case of an era twenty or thirty years in the past. Not only is the terrain distant, but in this period memory has been enfeebled by booze and drugs. In a town where credit grabbing is an art form, to say that memory is self-serving is to say that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

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Biskind says that after their recovery, studio executives are now mostly businessmen who are interested about commercialism and money. Essential reading for any aspiring film dork. Biskind really does his work, getting superstars like Warren Beatty and Steven Spielberg on the record as well as those who worked behind the scenes—like film editors Marcia Lucas and Paul Hirsch—who never became famous.

And the resulting scenarios are deliciously tawdry Peter Biskind lets no one off the hook in his book. Start dealing with that. View all 14 comments. But this is supposed to be a review of Easy Rider, Raging Bullso back on topic. Best book I have ever read on movies and the movie business!

The truth was not that simple. Tales of personal degradation fit into this. Easy Riders, Raging Bulls was the basis of a documentary film of the same name.

Taking you through classic pictures and how they were made. KramerAmerican Gigoloand Personal Best William Friedkin comes off as one of the worst human beings who ever lived, a petulant ppeter prone to screaming fits of rage who manage to insult every hand that fed him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tales from the Script pter But when they ceased laying those eggs, they were slaughtered. But it gets in the way of the movies. It discusses how the new hippie mindset and sheer debauchery of the time contributed to some of the greatest films ever made.

You can clearly blame them. Nov 22, H. The book is well laid out and explains the back story to the making of these iconic movies and explores the cultural impact of this generation of film makers who saved us briefly from the tawdry sentimental bollocks which had been the mainstay of the studio system for the previous four decades.

Peter Biskind is a cultural critic and film historian. How he got an interview with producer Bert Schneider is beyond my comprehension — the guy is a total recluse, and one of the most peer figures in Hollywood history. Biskind is able to transform what could bulsl been a by-the-numbers academic study of a tumultuous period in the industry and paints it ragging a narrative fashion that is able to give us a glimpse into the mind of these filmmakers and producers who were not just shucking the conventions of their time but turning the established Hollywood system on its head.

The NH era was in a lot of ways wild, in good and in bad. Use the HTML below. Hall, John Bailey, Vilmos Zsigmond. Peter Biskind devotes a fair amount of the book to Schneider, his hard-partying ways, his girlfriends, his marriages, his infidelities, his triumphs and his failures.

Nor did Warners preview the picture. Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: Only George Lucas ended up with the financial clout to create his own movie empire, ridere even he is enslaved to Star Wars. TOP Related Posts.


Easy Riders Raging Bulls

For those who hear "film history" and think Titanic, in , the major American film studios were in such disarray and the counterculture seemed to be overturning conventions with such speed that a new generation of filmmakers, by and large under the age of 30, and universally white males , briefly seized the controls. Biskind, the former executive editor of Premiere magazine goes behind the scenes of each film and others to explore the creative hubris that resulted in these ever being made and the personal hubris that destroyed the careers of many involved, as well as ultimately turning control from the artisans back over to the financiers. He had hit rock bottom. A wild and disheveled sometime actor, talented photographer, and pioneering collector of Pop Art, a former pal and acolyte of James Dean, whom he had met on the set of Rebel Without a Cause, Hopper had been blackballed for crossing swords with director Henry Hathaway.


Easy Riders, Raging Bulls



Peter Biskind


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Easy Riders---Raging Bulls


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