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Minimal software effort to own Bluetooth functions. Almost no resource required from host CPU. Reducing the size and thickness greatly by using high-density packaging technology. Device diagram BC3-Handphone Figure 1. Frequency Range 2. Output Power 3. Sensitivity at 0. Carrier Frequency Drift 1 1slot 2 5slot 4 Drift rate It is therefore important for designers to ensure that their Bluetooth handphone design is properly evaluated in a Design Verification Test.

The results of the Design Verification Test should be used to assess the suitability of the handphone for manufacture. Hardware connection l l DLBM-CH requires the following hardware connections: Serial communications port with or without hardware flow control. PCM interface for audio gateway profile. Mobile Phone Host requirements The DLBM-CH is designed to connect to the existing audio and data connections which or almost always made available on any mobile phone.

This removes the need for any baseband software modifications on the part of the host controller since these connections already exist. The mobile phone designer need simply design a Bluetooth Man-Machine interface in order to do the following functions: l Bluetooth Neighborhood inquiry l Select, enter PIN and pair with a remote device l Show the status of a currently connected Bluetooth service.

Since all the profiles are handles on DLBM-CH and a simple AT command set is utilized, there is minimal effort and time to market for the mobile phone company. Software architecture These elements are: l The Pskey address which is a four digit word formatted in ASCII that represents the address of the key to be set. Once the device registration command has been sent from the host, the host must wait for the OK response from the DLBM-CH before registering the next device.

This may be due to inquiry cancellation e. Dial-up networking and fax operations will also directly route the RFComm traffic over UART, therefore all modem settings for the mobile phone will be configured on the remote device configuration settings.

This can be used to simulate disconnection of a data service. This will cancel the last operation and switch off the BlueCore radio. This will set-up a page and inquiry scan process so that the device is discoverable and connectable to other Bluetooth devices. If Use Authentication is set then the firmware will request a PIN on first connection to the remote device. This causes the software to panic and then relies on the watchdog timer to reset the device.

The parameter which is associated with the response, indicates the minimum time that the DLBM-CH will be awake and is sent in millisecond units. These include the following: l? ATA l? All responses are passed directly to the hands free kit.

On connection of a Hands Free kit to the phone, the mode state will be Audio. Therefore a phone not supporting audio and data services simultaneously will not be able to support Bluetooth Hands free operation.

It is still possible, however, to add more functionality to the Bluetooth hands free profile by emulating some of the Bluetooth commands into a mode that the phone supports, e.

The commands associated with this process are as follows: Registering trusted devices stored within the host. The host can then register the devices at any time, keeping in mind that any device not registered, attempting to connect with the Handphone would require authentication.

This Bluetooth address will thereafter be deleted from the registry. The management of the trusted device list is kept within the host, therefore the host may decide how many trusted devices to hold, and may change the name of the remote device name if so required.

If authenticate is set then DLBM-CH will expect a pin code to be issued during the connection process therefore to establish an un-secure connection, the authenticate field must be set to 0 for unauthenticated connections. Each word is assigned a function as follows: Word 1 most significant word Audio service indicator output Word 2 Service disconnect input Word3 Data service indicator output Word 4 Host communications wake up signal Data Sheet April 20, Proprietary Information and Specifications are Subject to Change PDF created with pdfFactory trial version www.

This can be used to wake up a host if necessary. This can be used if the phone requires a wakeup before Uart communications. Pin description Pin No.

Dimensions mm Figure 8. Chen delta.



Minimal software effort to own Bluetooth functions. Almost no resource required from host CPU. Reducing the size and thickness greatly by using high-density packaging technology. Device diagram BC3-Handphone Figure 1. Frequency Range 2. Output Power 3.



Zulkisar Is the information for this product incomplete, wrong or inappropriate? Networking and Internetworking with Microcontrollers. The accompanying CD-ROM contains the example code as well as a searchable ebook version of the text, to help you get up implementiny speed quickly. Hands-On Zigbee: Implementing Linked Data More info about Linked Data.


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