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If you wish to host this guide at your own website, please ask for permission. Initially conceived as a specialized Guide instructing players on the most efficient areas and methods for power-leveling, it has since evolved into a completely comprehensive guide detailing every aspect of the game. This guide is intended to be the ultimate reference tool for both veteran Disgaea gamers, as well as those new to the series who might otherwise find the sheer scale of Disgaea 4 overwhelming.

I have done my best to assemble all of the information in this guide in as logical and concise a manner as possible, and have attempted to craft the language so that everything you may need is both easy to find and easy to read. It is my greatest hope that all of these efforts prove equal to the task, so that this Guide may be sufficiently worthy to be used as a one-stop reference.

It has been thoroughly re-written and re-formatted since its initial inception, and is now in its most "complete" form. I will, however, most likely continue to add and revise the contents of this guide in the future. It is written with the expectation that you are already aware of the basic, fundamental mechanics of the game and of gaming in general. It is not here to hold your hand as you play the game, nor to tell you exactly how to complete each specific map.

Rather, it is designed to advice and instruct players in the skills and tactics that are most beneficial for continued game play. The guide is divided into ten numbered section, marked D, D, D, etc. Each section is further divided into specific subsections sometimes referred to as chapters.

Each section and subsection is tagged to allow for easy navigation. The "heart" of this guide is the Level Up!!

Guide see Section 5 [D]. This Disgaea games have a somewhat unwarranted reputation for being grind-heavy. This reputation is partially true, and partially false. Disgaea titles do indeed emphasize grinding, but not in the traditional sense. In most games, "grinding" is a term used to describe repeating the exact same process to the exact same effect, for dozens or hundreds of hours on end.

In Disgaea, grinding requires a more active mind, capable of picking and choosing the best maps, discerning the most effect strategies to attain the most rewards in the least amount of time. Clever preparation to spread out those rewards among those party members who need them most. The Level Up!!

Guide is dedicated solely toward instructing players toward the proper tactics and areas to be taken advantage of to climb up through the levels with the maximum efficiency--investing the least amount of time to reap the maximum rewards.

If you are part of a 3rd Party website, please do not host this Guide on your own without emailing me for permission in advance.

Despite being an enormous fan of the Disgaea series and, indeed, every Nippon Ichi game , until Disgaea 4, I had always considered the lengthy, mandatory grinding element to be an annoyance at best, and utterly insufferable at worst.

Yes, we do exist! But there was something different about Disgaea 4. And then Desco said something about transforming 4 times to defeat the hero, and I thought to myself: this is it.

What I need to do here is simple: Valvatorez must become a super saiyajin! And thus began my long road of grinding, climbing ever-higher, ever-faster. Exploring every nook, every aspect of this massive game. Delving ever-deeper into the marvelous world of Hades and its fascinating cast of characters. And so I took it upon myself to write this guide, in order to help other players along this magnificent journey.

And, before we begin, I have one small thing to say to you all: Saving is for cowards. Now: let us begin. If you want a document to very carefully tell you how to navigate each menu This guide is constructed as a point-by-point reference, designed to be used sparingly. It is filled to the brim and somewhat overflowing with indexes and tables enough to satiate even the most obsessive of minds.

This Guide contains--or aspires to contain--every conceivable piece of information a player of any skill level might require. Whether you simply need a little help on your way through the story maps, or need a handy reference for a long night of Item World diving and Innocents subduing, this guide aims to be the one and only reference tool you need.

A word to Disgaea veterans: If you spot any inaccuracies or omissions in this guide, please let me know about them mwulf. So long as I am able, I shall endeavor to please everyone. It is the fourth game in the popular Disgaea series, which first launched with Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness on the Playstation 2.

The Disgaea series has has been translated to many different languages and ported to many different consoles, including the Nintendo DS, Playstation Portable and Playstation Vita. Disgaea 4 is the second Disgaea title to be released on the Playstation 3, and the first game in the series to feature high resolution sprites.

More expensive items are higher-quality items, so hold each vote as soon as you are able. These skills are incredibly helpful, and can easily shift the tide of a losing battle back into your favor. Money can be tight early on, but after a few hours your treasure will contain obscene amounts of HL that will never seem to diminish.

Buy that new sword! Money is no object. Gency Exit item in your inventory. However, in order to maintain a well-balance party, you will need to branch out. At least 3 unique characters are necessary to your party. An offensive magic-user The choice here is between Skulls and Mages. Mages have higher base INT scores, so I would go with a mage. When you reincarnate to Star Mage, switch your focus to the Star spells.

A supporting melee character Basically You want a character who is good with spears. I would also HIGHLY recommend a good ranged character if you plan to do much in the Item or Chara worlds--specifically, a good ranged character wielding a good gun.

Guns may not be the most versatile weapon, but they have nice attack ranges AND some truly indispensable long-range area-of-effect skills that make clearing random maps in the Item and Chara worlds a much less tedious process.

If you kill a monster that gives xp with a 2 person team attack, each character earns 50 experience. Kill that same monster with a 3 person team attack, each one earns 33 experience, etc.

This means you can move a characters into support positions with the hope of them triggering a team attack Execute, and then cancel the move order. Thus, a viable tactic for increasing the level of weak characters it to place them on top of a strong character, and then attack a high-level enemy.

It allows him to absorb a percentage of the stats of every enemy he defeats--making it incredibly effective for maps with large numbers of enemies, or maps you want to solo with Valvatorez. Fill the bonus gauge up by creating geo chains, team attacks, etc. As is usually the case, when combating vastly superior foes, caution should always be kept in mind. The enemies in Disgaea are not guided by a singular super-intelligence analogous to the human player.

Instead, the A. Some are inclined toward defense, others toward offense. Defensive enemies are fairly common, and very easy to deal with--if none of your characters are close enough for the defense-minded enemy to move to and attack in a single turn, he or she or it will not move at all. If you can determine this range through trial-and-error you can move characters just barely in range and attack, and then use lift and throw commands to pull them away, allowing you to deal damage to the enemy without the enemy moving so much as a single tile.

HIT is basically your accuracy stat--if you want to go up against stronger enemies, you need high HIT, or else most if not all of your attacks will miss. Generic characters require twice the normal amount of mana for each additional reincarnation--so only reincarnate them when you unlock the next tier [DB].

With story characters, like Valvatorez and Fenrich, however, there is no such penalty. Try to reincarnate as "Skilled" or "Genius" in order to retain as many of your stats as you can.

Powerful weapons and emblems, greater movement speed, etc. It will make power-leveling much, much easier for you thanks to the layout of MO See Tier 5 of the Level Up!!

Guide for details. Again, this guide is not meant to hold your hand--it assumes you are already familiar with basic gameplay elements, and provides possible tactics for each story mission to help players that may be facing difficulty. His high counter rate should allow him to take out or damage a couple, allowing your other characters to move in and mop-up.

Then, just fly just attack normally. While YOU can use Magichange and Fusion to great effect, when the AI does it, all it really does is decrease the number of enemies out there for you to kill.

If you have trouble, you can try using buffing spells to your advantage, but odds are what you really need to do is level up. See the Level Up!! Guide [DA] for details. Once you beat the story map , you may want to grind several times to give yourself an edge for the next few maps.

Refer to the Level Up!! Toss all the geo-blocks on the upper bridge to make it collapse--the zombies will fall down and be unable to attack, making them easy targets for your ranged characters.

The other column of Zombies will move to attack across the bridge--so line up one or two melee characters along the bridge to fight them off one at a time. Geo puzzle is impossible to solve. Try to move to the warping geo-fields when you can: this will allow your tanks to quickly move about the map, making it easier to flank enemies.

And if not? Level up a bit, or buy new gear--the usual mantra of tasks to do when you find yourself having trouble. So be patient, take your time, and methodically clear out the map. Again, try to lead in with strong melee character while keeping support characters witches, gunners, etc.

This is actually fairly common in set-maps not so in the Item and Chara Worlds, sadly. Keep your distance and use ranged skills to clear out the enemies without exposing your own characters to much danger.


Disgaea 4: a Promise Unforgotten Official Strategy Guide (Brady Games)

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