We were impressed with the decoder itself, but less so with the speakers, so when the company told us it was releasing a new version of the former, we decided to look at it on its own. Designed as an all-in-one surround sound processing unit, it can connect not only your PC or laptop to a 2. This box may only be the size of a couple of stacked VHS tapes, but every inch of its rear panel is crammed with sockets. Just bear in mind the Decoderstation is simply that - a decoder. You have to provide the amplification yourself, be that in the shape of active speakers, a 5.

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Teufel Concept E and Decoder Station 5 Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. In the Home cinema arena, Teufel has proved that it can compete with the best whether in the value sector or the high end, with its Motiv 3 and System 9 THX Ultra systems respectively. But those sets require a separate amplifier or receiver to drive them, and not everyone wants to go to that extra expense.

These speakers produce big sound, far bigger in fact than I would have expected from an all in one system. If you want numbers, the CE SW subwoofer has a W amplifier hiding inside it, but W of that power is dedicated to driving the sub, leaving 50W per channel for each of the satellite speakers.

As is usually the case with Teufel speakers, they look good as well as sounding good. There are, what looks like, three dials on the front of the sub, although the centre one is actually just a button that toggles between standby and on. The right dial is the master volume for the whole set, while the left dial controls the amount of bass, which can be set from a mild atmospheric rumble, to window shaking earthquake levels! Next to the spring clips are six analogue phono inputs for pumping the 5.

The answer is simple, Teufel is expecting customers to pair the Concept E s with one of its Decoderstations. First, they allow you to connect multiple sources, and secondly, they have integrated Dolby Digital and DTS decoders, allowing you to output a pure digital bitstream from your source.

The Decoderstation 5 has four digital inputs — two optical and two coaxial. You also get three analogue stereo inputs and one full set of 5. The vast majority of sub-powered multimedia speakers ship with poor speaker wire, already cut to lengths, which may or may not be suitable for your particular use.

Considering that all the amplification is sitting in the subwoofer, the handling of subtle effects is surprisingly good. With multimedia sets I expect there to be a leaning towards big action set pieces, whether in movies or games, but the Concept E s deal with quiet scenes with equal aplomb. The centre dialogue channel is particularly impressive, locking your focus to the screen, with little, if any perceptible dialogue bleed into the left and right channels.

The Dolby Digital soundtrack on Transformers was a joy to hear on these speakers. The soundstage was beautifully rendered with all the positional effects, especially on the rear surrounds, enveloping the viewer. The Concept E s are no less impressive when they turn their hand to gaming either. Hooking up an Xbox and firing up Halo 3 proved that point. The real time Dolby Digital soundtracks on modern console games cry out for a high quality surround sound setup, and the Concept E s are definitely up to the job.

Being able to hear where your enemies are, or what direction shots are coming from just adds another dimension to proceedings. And if you are in that position, the Concept E s and Decoderstation 5 will make the perfect addition. Trusted Score.


Teufel Concept E 400 and Decoder Station 5 Review



DecoderStation 5 Mk2



Decoderstation 5 Mk2


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