I waited more than six months from the time that I pre-ordered this book until the time it actually arrived immediately after publication. Without question, this is THE definitive text for the Nikon D, exhaustively discussing every camera feature and how to use them to get the best shot in virtually every conceivable situation. He also discusses 3rd party image enhancement software, and he reserved special praise for one program in particular, "DxO Optics Pro" from DxO Labs. I had never heard of that software, so I visited their website and downloaded the day trial version. I was so enthralled by its capabilities that I ordered it within the first week of use. Busch also discusses in some detail the "Nikon Capture NX2" and based on his comments, I decided to also purchase it.

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Are you a seasoned user, experience with multiple bodies, that finds this to be a reference to thoroughly expound on new features and function you find are not adequately discussed in the manual, or are you relatively new to Nikon and find this to be a good general introductory reference to the Nikon ecosystem and digital photography, with some D specific material?

Who do you see as the target audience for this book? Is that right? Just kidding, it must be my short sighted and narrow minded being but I had no idea who David Busch is. Honestly, it is my bad I am going to do a Google search now to expand my horizon. No pun intended, I just have no idea who he is. I got so much used to reading Thom Hogan this and Thom Hogan that I totally forgot about a possibility that there is a brave Thom Hogan challenger coming along.

Anyhow, thanks for the news I shall do a search now. By the way, please do not punish me for my lack of knowledge in the who is who in photography literature. I mean I just simply was not aware of this fellow being around. Not as if I would be after any book though. I must admit that I have used all my Nikon bodies through the decades without buying and reading any third party literature. I was busy working in and out of the studio Best, AIK Google search done, my education has been expanded.

Not up to date though Well, indeed he is around and have been a successful writer. I just was not aware of him. He probably was not aware of me too but that is not a big loss for him The Nikon manual is great I printed it out and had it bound but its great to be able to read as much as possible I enjoy it. I have the Steve Perry book as well excellent and also the Nikon D Experience by Douglas Klostermann good and will most likely purchase the Hogan book if he releases one.


David Busch's nikon D750 : guide to digital slr photography

It seems the Busch books are well written but very much aimed at those unfamiliar to Nikon especially if also new to photography in general. If my impression of his DS and D books which I purchased is accurate in reference to subsequent publications for new models I would see this book appealing more to someone sucked in by D hype who now has a camera with controls and nomenclature with which they are very unfamiliar. I would see the Hogan books more geared to an experienced shooter who is quite familiar with Nikon, probably has several recent bodies, and is interested in nuances of a new machine. I get impression Busch knows Nikon and can very effectively communicate that to a new user without needing extensive personal experience with the specific title model; whereas Hogan, who also speaks Nikon, will intimately know the model he writes about. Different styles for different needs and levels. If he does, I will surely buy that as well.




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