Tenth Master of sikhs Guru Gobind Singh ji Baba Ram Singh Bhindranwale is current master of damdami taksal organization [8] In , a large event to commemorate the th anniversary martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur was attended by Indira Gandhi and the then leader of the Damdami Taksal Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Following the event the Damdami Taksal was brought to wider attention by Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and the Khalistan movement [11] Leadership During British Colonial rule , Sunder Singh Bhindranwale [note 2] set about purging diversity in Sikh doctrine, ritual and practice, hoping to have a uniform Sikh community. Part of this strategy was to have a standardized code of conduct Rehat Maryada.

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He then started working with his father in the farm. He quickly became the favourite student of Kartar Singh. Before his death Kartar Singh had appointed Bhindranwale as his successor, in preference to his son Amrik Singh.

He gave his full-time to Taksal. Bhindranwale never learned English but had good grasp of Punjabi language. His speeches were released in the form of audio cassette tapes and circulated in villages. Later on, he became adept with press and gave radio and television interviews as well. He used "Amrit Prachar", which is the propagation of the tenets of the Sikh faith and mixed radical fundamentalism with incitement to violence.

He took those passages from the sacred texts which suited his purpose and ignored or glossed over others that did not. He well understood that hate was a stronger passion than love: his list of hates was even more clearly and boldly spelt out".

In , Bhindranwale put up forty candidates against the Akali candidates in the SGPC election for a total of seats, he won only four of the seats. Even then Congress was unable to control Bhindranwale after coming back to power in the Indian general election.

The practices of "Sant Nirankaris" sect of Nirankaris was considered as heretics by the orthodox Sikhism expounded by Bhindranwale. The case was heard in the neighbouring Haryana state, and all the accused were acquitted on grounds of self-defence. A letter of authority was issued by Akal Takht to ostracize the Sant Nirankaris. A sentiment was created to justify extra judicial killings of the perceived enemies of Sikhism.

Police did not entered the temple complex to avoid hurting the sentiments of Sikhs. The FIR named nearly twenty people involved in the murder, most of whom had ties to Bhindranwale. He was viewed as a supporter of the Nirankari sect and had written several editorials that had condemned the acts of Bhindranwale.

Narain had been present at the clash between the Nirankaris and the Akhand Kirtani Jatha and had served as a witness in the court case of the incident. The Punjab Police planned a search operation in an attempt to locate and arrest Bhindranwale on September 14, Bhindranwale abandoned his private bus and fled. The bus contained written records of sermons of Bhindranwale for posterity. After absconding for several days, Bhindranwale secured himself in his fortified Gurdwara Gurdarshan Parkash located at Mehta Chowk.

This condition was accepted by the police. At the agreed time he emerged address a large crowd of his followers who armed with spears, swords and several firearms. Bhindranwale delivered a fiery sermon inciting the mob against the Government and against the alleged injustices done to the Sikhs and himself.

He ended his speech asking the mob not to act violent after his arrest. Bhindranwale then surrendered himself to the police for arrest and was being taken to a circuit house guest house instead of prison.

The clashes with police resulted in the death of 11 persons. On 25 September, in Amritsar a goods train was derailed. On 29 September, an aeroplane of Indian Airlines was hijacked and taken to Lahore. The Akali Dal under Longowal decided to support Bhindranwale.

On 15 October Bhindranwale was released by the Punjab Police. The movement was hijacked by Bhindranwale who declared that it will continue until all the demands in the Anandpur Sahib Resolution were fulfilled. An assassination attempt was made on Chief Minister of Punjab Darbara Singh and two Indian Airlines flights were hijacked by the terrorists. Bhindranwale who was then regarded as "single most important Akali leader" announced that nothing less than full implementation of the Anandpur resolution was acceptable to them.

Other Akali leaders joined the negotiations but a compromised settlement failed to emerge. The arms and ammunition used by his group were provided by ISI.

Terrorist training camps were set up in Karachi and Lahore to train the young Sikhs. Bhindranwale had said "we are not in favour of Khalistan nor are we against it". To which he added, "if the Indian Government invaded the Darbar Sahib complex, the foundation for an independent Sikh state will have been laid.

Bhindranwale warned of a backlash by the Sikh community in the event of an army assault on the Golden Temple. Khalistani currency had already been distributed. This declaration would have increased chances of Punjab Police and security personnel siding with Bhindranwale.

Maybe he was carried away by crowds that thronged his pravachans in rural Punjab in which he railed against decrepit practices creeping into Sikhism and exaggeratedly spoke of the alleged betrayal of his community by New Delhi, particularly the "biba", meaning Indira Gandhi. In that sense, he was the latest in a long line of Sikh leaders who led episodic agitations to distance the faith from Hindu influences, worried that the preponderant assimilative thrust of Hinduism would overwhelm Sikhism the way it had done Jainism and Buddhism.

Communalism Edit Bhindranwale is alleged to have held a deep "hatred of Hindus" [63] and made statements to incite acts of communal violence between Sikhs and Hindus. If the few Jews of Israel could keep the more numerous Arabs at bay, then even the Sikhs could and must do the same with the Hindus. Members of his militant group often served as willing and unpaid killers.

Punjab Police had to provide protection to the entire distribution staff and scenes of armed policemen escorting news hawkers on their morning rounds became common. Among the prominent ones was Giani Partap Singh, an eighty year old spiritual leader and a former Jathedar of the Akal Takht, Partap had openly criticised Bhindranwale for stockpiling firearms and weapons in the Akal Takht. Partap was murdered with gunshot at his home in Tahli Chowk.

Several other dissenters were also killed. People criticising Bhindranwale were perceived as his enemies who in turn were branded as enemies of the Sikh faith. The prominent members of the Sikh religion got the message being spread through the ongoing events and were afraid of personal safety.

The sacred Golden Temple was being defiled by the militants. An arsenal had been created within the Akal Takht over a period of several months. Trucks that were engaged for kar seva religious service and bringing in supplies needed for the daily langar were used for bringing in guns and ammunition into the Golden Temple. The police failed to check these vehicles, reportedly on instructions from superiors.

During a random check, one truck was stopped and many sten guns and large quantity of ammunition was found. After the operation Blue Star, it was found that the militants had even set up a facility to manufacture grenade and to fabricate sten-guns inside the temple complex.

At the same time, the number of murders kept increasing in the state and sometimes more than a dozen killings happened in a day. By April and May , the two groups clashed reached its peak with intimidations and killings.

The two groups blamed each other for several assassinations. He called Bhindranwale "our stave to beat the government. The judgement would be accepted by both parties and carried out. This added to his popularity. Bhindranwale had started the efforts for his demand in , and by mid had managed to gain support for his plan to divide India.

While Bhindranwale was openly supporting such elements. While the Akalis pressed on with their two-pronged strategy of negotiations and massive campaigns of civil disobedience directed at the Central Government, others were not so enamoured of nonviolence. Communists known as " Naxalites ", armed Sikh groups — the " Babbar Khalsa " and " Dal Khalsa ", sometimes worked hand in hand and clashed with the police.

A covert government group known as the Third Agency was also engaged in dividing and destabilising the Sikh movement through the use of undercover officers, paid informants and agents provocateurs. Sensing a prospect of his arrest from the hostel premises, he convinced the SGPC president Tohra to set up his headquarter in Akal Takht Shrine representing the temporal power of God in the Golden temple.

Babbar Khalsa had also the support of the Congress party. Longowal by now feared for his own safety. Longowal attempted to block the move by persuading Giani Kirpal Singh, then Jathedar head priest of the Akal Takht, to use his authority and issue a Hukamnama edict disallowing Bhindranwale from relocating to the complex.

By this time Bhindranwale and his men were above the law. It would have also hurt the religious sentiments of the Sikhs. The government sent a team led by Narasimha Rao to try to convince Bhindranwale to back out but he was adamant, [40] and refused all efforts made by the Indira Gandhi administration to negotiate a settlement. These talks ended up being futile. There are many hunters after it".

He was adept at television, radio and press interviews. Though the movie was banned to avoid controversy but still is available easily at online platform.


Damdami Taksal

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