Beginning as a strong leftist, Soustelle in became secretary-general of the Vigilance Committee of Antifascist Intellectuals. He was Free French commissioner of information and directed intelligence operations in Algiers — A member of the Constituent Assembly of —46, Soustelle was successively minister of information and minister of colonies during in the government headed by de Gaulle. Initially viewed with suspicion by the Algerian French community , Soustelle soon came to be regarded as its principal spokesman, favouring the economic and political integration of Algeria with France.

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At that time, in the early s, nobody, from the arid steppes of the north to the burning jungles of the isthmus, from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico to the shore of the Pacific, could have believed that this enormous empire, its culture, its art, its gods, were to go down a few years later in a historic cataclysm.

The period with which this book is concerned is distinguished from all others by the wealth of its written documentation. The Mexicans were interested in themselves and in their history; they were tireless speech-makers and great loves of verse, thus an immense quantity of books and legal documents came into being. Drawing on this rich recorded history, Soustelle creates a memorable portrait of Aztec society.

Soustelle has the rare quality of entering into the minds of those he is studying and seeing things from their point of view. Soustelle embellishes his faithful picture of Mexican life with many acute, well-turned observations. The sources on which Soustelle has based this analysis of Mexican life are very complete.

A most exciting book. This excellent translation brings to life the Aztec people of the first part of the sixteenth century. In , Jacques Soustelle views a stormy past with the eyes of an ethnologist who has been deeply involved with the strife of the present. A most exciting book on the exciting life of the Mexicans at the beginning of the 16th century.


Books by Jacques Soustelle

Teshicage But newer books will shed more light on this subject. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This can ma Hy book in Aztec life is very detailed. Daily Life 5 books. I learnt that the Aztec society was largely democratic, had no inherited nobility, and a lot of social mobility. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem.


Daily Life of the Aztecs

In Stock Overview Tireless speech-makers and lovers of verse, the ancient Aztecs were also prodigious record keepers, using a pictographic system to keep records of their history, geography, and rituals. Many of these accounts were destroyed after the Spanish conquest; but fortunately, a few survived, including those kept by the invaders. This book by an international authority on Mexican archaeology and sociology presents a vivid history of that profoundly religious Aztec warrior society — from its days as a primitive people, to the early sixteenth century — when, on the eve of the Spanish conquest, a powerful native government ruled with great organizational ability and restless energy. Here also are detailed descriptions of public buildings and market places, home furnishings, games and amusements, family life, the conduct of war, the arts of language, music and dancing, and other topics.

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