Finale and Sibelius files on the other hand, are much more interactive, and can be changed, transposed and corrected after they have been downloaded. Word documents I would recommend as a last resort, unless you are only listing the chord changes of a piece. Thankfully, both Finale and Sibelius offer free programs that can be used to view and print their respective file types. In order to conver Finale and Sibelius files to pdf there are various programs you can use. I would recommend Cute PDF , which allows you to virtually print from your program onto a pdf. After you install the program, simply go to the print menu and select "Cutepdf" from the list of printers and you will get an instant copy of your work as a pdf.

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Give your compositions a more modern look with a new set of house styles that enable you to customize a look that perfectly suits your score.

Sibelius also now automatically adjusts staves as you compose to optimize spacing, ensuring proper note placement. And gain greater efficiency and flexibility when working with ties with new tie styles and improvements. From the intuitive task-oriented interface and professional sound library, to the timesaving Magnetic Layout, Sibelius helps you bring your musical vision to life.

Write parts with ease Write parts with ease Write parts with ease Enter notes quickly using the onscreen notation, keyboard, and fretboard windows. Or, use your MIDI keyboard and Sibelius music writing software will capture the nuances of your performance and intelligently lay out the notes.

Magnetic Layout automatically adjusts and spaces out your notation as you write, avoiding collisions to produce a beautiful score with minimal effort. Spark ideas with loop playback Spark ideas with loop playback Spark ideas with loop playback With loop playback, you can select any part of your score to loop repeatedly, enabling you to improvise and experiment as you play along.

You can even slow down the tempo for easier rehearsal and practice. Hear your music in stunning detail Hear your music in stunning detail Hear your music in stunning detail With a high-quality 32 GB sample library filled with a wide variety of musical instrumentation, you can hear what your compositions will sound like when performed. The Espressivo advanced notation interpretation even lets you adjust rhythm and swing to create a more humanistic feel. Close Create and perfect the arrangement and instrumentation in your score Transform music into perfect scores Quickly adapt your music and arrangement for any ensemble and performance with a full suite of powerful orchestration tools.

Create and arrange parts fast Create and arrange parts fast Create and arrange parts fast The Arrange feature makes it easy to orchestrate additional instrument parts from existing ones. Simply select an orchestration style and Sibelius automatically creates new parts based on your source parts.

Or consolidate multiple parts into one at the click of a button. Keep scores safe during review Keep scores safe during review Keep scores safe during review Review mode locks down your score, enabling collaborators to freely navigate and review your composition. Contributors are free to add comments and annotations without the fear of inadvertently changing a score.

Fine-tune lyrics, dynamics, and charts with desktop publishing tools. Plus, add graphics and create your own house styles or manuscript papers to give your scores a unique look and feel.

Create parts dynamically Create parts dynamically Create parts dynamically Dynamic Parts automatically creates individual instrument parts as a score is being created. For copyists, this eliminates the need to extract parts or make destructive changes to a score when prepping sheet music for different instrumental parts. Changes to the full score are automatically reflected in the parts, while individual parts can be changed without affecting the full score.

Engrave intelligently Engrave intelligently Engrave intelligently Create beautiful, legible scores quickly with advanced notation tools and multi-edit capabilities. Add slurs, hairpins, ties, or other staff lines across multiple instruments, and make edits to barlines, expression and technique text, and lyrics all in one action.

Sibelius intelligently spaces notes and elements, keeping everything in perfect alignment. Perform complex tasks with ease Perform complex tasks with ease Perform complex tasks with ease Supercharge Sibelius with extra features and capabilities courtesy of the generous user community. These free plugins accelerate and simplify complex engraving, notating, layout, processing, text, and other tasks.

See and search for all available plugins in the Install Plug-ins dialog to find what you need. Share your scores Discover Cloud Sharing Share scores with anyone, anywhere Imagine being able to present scores online so anyone, anywhere, can view, play, and provide feedback on your compositions. You can share scores privately with others on your own personal cloud space 1 GB included or post your compositions to your website and social media for the world to hear.

All you need is Sibelius and an Internet connection. Push any changes you make online as you go, or stop sharing whenever you want by disabling the link.

The ultimate musical collaboration tool View and play scores in any web browser—without requiring Sibelius Flip through pages and hear compositions with full high-quality instrumentation Share compositions with musicians, ensembles, and choirs for performance preparation Improve collaboration between composers, arrangers, and engravers Send scores out for review, proofreading, and approval See and hear it in action Once shared, anyone can interact with your score in a variety of ways.

Test-drive it for yourself here. Click play to take a listen. Drag the timeline indicator at the bottom to jump to another part of the score, and use the side arrows to flip pages.

Want to share more? Expand your storage with an Avid Premium Cloud Plan.


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