His research interests include international economics, geographical economics,macroeconomics, and economic growth and development. Daniel Ottens studied economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. After starting his career as an economic analyst at Rabobank, Daniel moved to the Dutch central bank in There he worked at the Monetary and Economic Policy department and the Financial Stability Division, specialising in international economic issues witha special focus on the emerging economies of East Asia. Daniel has taught international economics at Erasmus University and the University of Amsterdam.

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K ISBN , pages. A fully up-to-date and comprehensive treatment of International Trade, this book provides a solid foundation of international trade flows and theories, as well as the latest information on empirical developments and new theoretical insights. Fundamental changes in perspectives are covered, including the role of the firm in international trade flows and organization, in terms of heterogeneity, multinational activity, and global supply chain activities. The theory is illustrated throughout with empirical evidence and an abundance of relevant case studies.

The body of the text represents the first tier of analysis: it provides extensive written and graphical explanations of the structure of international trade. As a second tier of analysis, technical notes at the end of relevant chapters seek to support students who wish to take their learning further. ISBN , pages. International Economics and Business offers an integrated perspective on the changing role of nations and firms in the global economy.

We discuss aspects of the global economy typically found in international economics and in international business. The book is targeted at first or second year undergraduate students. We have written the book in such a way that students familiar with basic calculus and mathematics are able to understand the material we present. In terms of a typical economics or business curriculum, this means that you have probably had introductory courses on statistics and micro economics.

If you are a student enrolled in an economics program, this book serves as an introduction to international economics, including a discussion on the most essential theories of international business.

If you are a student following a business program, this book serves as an in introduction to international business, including a discussion of the essentials of international economics. Having successfully mastered the material we present to you in this book, an economics student may subsequently follow an intermediate international economics course, while a business student may continue by taking an intermediate international strategy course.

We provide common ground for both undergraduate communities. ISBN ; pages. Elementary comprehension of mathematics for economists simple functions and differentiation is recommended. Geographical economics starts from the observation that economic activity is clearly not randomly distributed across space. This revised and updated introduction to geographical economics uses the modern tools of economic theory to explain the who, why and where of the location of economic activity. Since the famous debate between Keynes and Ohlin on German reparation payments after World War I, international transfers have attracted the attention of economists.

Today the subject is of even greater importance with billions of dollars flowing between nations as unilateral transfers. However the emphasis has shifted from balance-of-payments issues to the welfare consequences following a transfer, and in particular the welfare issues arising from aid to developing countries.

In The Economics of International Transfers Professors Brakman and van Marrewijk present a complete overview of transfers including the history of transfers and current transfer flows , and their own unified framework in which they present important and original research. John A. ISBN and ; pages. Takes a European approach in opposition to many US-oriented texts giving students a better understanding of issues within Europe.

Covers a broad range of recent developments with European and global empirical examples and case studies to link theories to the real world, providing students with everything they need to understand this course.

This text is supported by a valuable Online Resource Centre, including a comprehensive study guide which reinforces what students have learnt and prepares them for exams.

Written from a European perspective, this text offers coverage of all the key elements of international economics: trade, money and finance. A firm emphasis is placed on ensuring that students understand how the theory relates to real world examples, providing undergraduate students with everything they need to understand this course. Empirical and Political detail is given close attention. A comprehensive online study guide for students supports the text with further information, simulations, data, and exercises.

This accessible introduction to the world economy and to the theory and practice of globalization argues that key topics in international economics cannot be understood without knowledge of international business, and vice versa. It reviews and combines insights from both literatures and applies them to real-world issues, clearly explaining the main concepts of international economics and business in a uniquely integrated approach.

This innovative textbook is aimed at students, consultants and managers who have a basic knowledge of economics.


International Economics: Theory, Application, and Policy / Edition 2

Set up a giveaway. Amazon Inspire Digital Marrswijk Resources. This innovative text features a flexible organization—including separate sections on international trade and international money—and can be used in a variety of courses. Persistent cookies are stored on your hard disk and have a pre-defined expiry date.


Marrewijk Charles Van Van Marrewijk Charles

Flexible Organization: international trade and international money sections allow for use on multiple courses Empirical data and case studies appear throughout to illustrate the theory and policy Technical notes provide a further level of analysis, where needed A Study Guide, accessible on the online resource centre, interacts with the book giving students access to a host of useful resources New to this Edition: New chapters on the global crisis, firm heterogeneity, and global capital markets. Restructuring of the money section which will now include the balance of repayments chapters. Inclusion of additional pedagogy including further reading and weblinks. International Economics Charles Van Marrewijk Description Written from a European perspective and covering both trade and international finance, this innovative text provides a thoroughly up-do-date and comprehensive treatment of each area.

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