Cardboard When cardboard creatures come magically to life, a boy must save his town from disaster. So to make the best of a bad situation, they bend the cardboard into a man-and to their astonishment, it comes magically to life. But the neighborhood bully, Marcus, warps the powerful cardboard into his own evil creations that threaten to destroy them all! Buy Ratfist on: Amazon. When Reese is forced to go on a boating trip with his family, the last thing he expects is to be shipwrecked on an island-especially one teeming with weird plants and animals. With few resources and a mysterious entity on the hunt, each secret unlocked could save them

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Jul 18, Melissa Chung rated it it was amazing 5 stars! It was great. I loved pretty much everything about it. Cardboard is about a down in luck dad named Mike. His wife has passed away and he is trying to raise is son Cam all alone. He is also between jobs and no one is hiring.

A sad start to any story. Mike sees a stand on the side of the road selling cheap toys. The man, Mr. This box, Mr. Gideon says, can be made into anything as long as you use your imagination.

It turns out Cam is a really good kid and when Mike comes home with the box Cam is excited. They build a boxer out of the box and the box boxer comes to life!

They name the boxer Bill and the story goes from there. Great story about father and son. Working together. Loved it all around. Really fun and silly. Cardboard, a broad, eager, winning fantasy, is his latest, and takes off like a rocket from a simple, tantalizing premise: a widower and his young son stumble on some magical cardboard that can be used to bring to life creatures of their own making; chaos results!

I had fun reading it. Or Laika. Plus the grieving widower whose inability to move on in life calls to mind Finding Nemo. And reading the book is a breeze: varied layouts and elastic pacing carry the story effortlessly, and, man, TenNapel really cracks the whip.

So, a charming gust of a book, whirlwind-quick, and eager to please: an impressive workout with craft to spare. You know, stuff that sounds as if it were dreamed up around a conference table: this character will undergo a big Change and resolve his Issues, et cetera.

It all reeks of Screenwriting On the other hand, it does work. And he does. I liked the way it worked here, lending heft and sweetness to a goofy idea.


Cardboard (2012)



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