Gentile cliente, Complimenti! Fare in modo di Il mio obiettivo era di fare in modo che un utilizzatore come Lei avere sempre un volume accettabile. Tecnologie altamente innovative, come per es. In questi del mixer UB e tutti coloro che mi hanno aiutato a creare questa compiti direttivi del mixer confluiscono tutte le altre funzioni. Cordiali saluti, Queste istruzioni sono realizzate in modo tale da darvi una panoramica degli elementi di comando e da informarvi al contempo dettagliatamente sul loro impiego.

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Did you find this review helpful? A main output, a headphone output, output "Control Room" the return , an output effect, an output and an input tape CAR. The first 4 channels have a gain knob, the tri-band EQs 12kHz, 2. Finally, all voices have a knob "FX" to send to the output effects and "Level" for the volume.

There was also a fader "Main Mix" which controls the overall level of the stuff apparently it works even on the back and headphone output , an LED "Power" to indicate that the console is connected, an LED 48 to indicate that V Phantom switch is on and two sets for stereo 4 LEDs indicate the sound level at the output of "Main mix", to Clip saturation through zero and six.

Besides careful Behringer makes clear that the need to login first transformer to the console before connecting to the sector! But fortunately, if we ask questions it is damn well, and explains everything. Clear and easy. The console is damn good, solid, aluminum, heavy on the seriousness of making sense, it is licked. The knobs are solid, I think they pose concern with time but it remains to be seen. They are not too loose, allowing greater accuracy. The switches are solid, no worries. Anyway it is easily adjustable to less than 1 euro The LEDs are convenient and useful to see if it was not made blunders, and if all goes well, nothing more.

Catch seem solid, but I was still a little afraid that over time the jacks start messing around. Level using nothing wrong, both live in that home studio or repeats, it ensures. Simple and convenient. From a glance you know where you are and what we can do it again. The risk of a change in one knob for another button by mistake is reduced by the "heaviness" of the knobs. The Equasis are more effective in negative than positive, and finally rather more "natural" should I say.

Not very convinced by their sound when they are going in the positive But it depends on taste. Since I used primarily for recording vocals and instruments at home, no need to give much color to the sound that is already rich enough for my taste. I have tried other consoles, the big stuff, small, the "brands" to very expensive not all that at home eh , and for the moment I see no point investing in something else.

I really like Behringer and I am not disappointed with this little console, still the best at the lowest price. Obviously this choice I would do, unless I become immensely rich and I do not know how to spend my money Did you find this review helpful? A single bus effect. EQ on the inputs not paramtrique symtriques only. Manuel clear. Small potentiomtres sr are more difficult to handle than faders. The VU meters, even if it has only a few diodes, can be used.

Given that the sound often comes from reports in the streets or equivalent, difficult to distinguish the breath of ambient noise.

Please note that the headphone gnre breath standard not found out about the "main". The equalizer is difficult to use: action too abrupt, its PForm. Leave the center position and make corrections by software. By using video, I look obviously not the quality "studio", I mean its a "readable". It suits me well for a. After a few months of use: Printing gnrale is to deal even when an object fragile when I put the console on a flat surface, it is flawed, the pads are not all at the same level The jacks are not reliable: even leaving the cables still in place no hook-intensive unplug , false contacts occur.

Reading the manual is limited voluntary, but this one is clear and trs Retailer. The abscence of poru faders control the volume of diffrent between fact lose some precision but it is all acceptable.

SOUNDS The console has not yet produced a breath audible during use, however, an audible breath is pushing the gain and volume of the bottom four mono inputs.

The equalizer is not of an absolute precision, but it remains useful even when recording. Trs is satisfactory for some recordings I did, and to mix the output of computers and the keyboard to the amp.

At that price the more difficult it is can be from Alesis, and again


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