Groshakar This does take up computing resources, and can add another layer of troubleshooting if a problem arises, such as Backtrack not recognizing a USB adapter. The bottom terminal in this example will pop up and say WPA Handshake in the upper right when this happens. If you are stuck using this method, thinking about how the password might be structured will be crucial along with computing power. The problem with WPS is, it has a flaw in it that lets someone go around the encryption.

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Registration The registration process starts when a student visits their website and decides to take the WiFu course online. Once the payment is processed, the registration process is complete.

The next step involves the course material, which is provided by Offensive Security in another email. It can take anywhere from hours after the payment is processed for them to email the student links to the course material. Upon receipt of the course material, the student has 72 hours to download it, store it, and make backups. Yes, make sure backups are made as the links are disabled after 72 hours, so additional fees will apply should the student need new links.

It starts with a basic discussion of wireless networks, but then it gets quite deep into fundamentals that any wireless professional should know. You can expect to be spoon-fed a lot of information about Yes, you read it right - you are required to run your own labs, so no VPN connection will be provided.

Once you are past the fundamentals, then the real fun begins. You will be exposed to many different tools within the aircrack-ng suite. The lab will discuss many different tools, and often times you will be required to use the tools on your own lab.

I found this section extremely useful as the exercises are a replica of the course videos. As a student, you will get a lot out of this particular section, so I highly recommend that you go over the exercises a number of times until you are comfortable with the material. The course videos are extremely useful, in my opinion.

I found that the course videos complement the lab guide quite well, so I personally loved them. With that said, I am sure you will have lots of fun going through them. Scheduling WiFu Scheduling the exam was the most difficult part for me. I wanted to get this course over with as soon as possible, but I was informed the lab was not available until August 10, After letting some steam off, I then proceeded to email the Offensive Security Team in order to schedule the exam for the next available weekend, which was August Not surprisingly, I received an email not long after that informing me that they had that weekend fully booked.

For those of you unfamiliar with the process, you must provide Offensive Security with three dates and times you would like to take the exam on. They will then try to accommodate your request, but there is no guarantee.

To make the story short, I proceeded to email them three new potential dates, which included the weekend of August , and Nov 27th. Why did I choose Nov 27th? Luckily for me, the Offensive Security Team did a great job of accommodating my request. You will normally receive an email from Offensive Security with instructions on how to connect via SSH to a box you will use to launch your wireless attacks from.

The box has two wireless cards, an Alfa based card and an Atheros based one. Depending on your familiarity with the cards, you can use either one to launch attacks. The exam is more about how you got the result instead of the actual result.

They will specifically ask you for the steps taken and commands used to break into the networks, so make sure to document everything as you go along — this will make your reporting a lot easier. On a different note, do not worry about failing the exam due to an incomplete wordlist for WPA — they will provide one that has the correct passphrase. In my case, I finished the exam in about 40 minutes and was able to break into every single access point.

To my surprise, I got the final result about 3 hours later, which far surpassed my expectations — especially on a weekend! Final Thoughts Although the course is a bit dated and focuses almost exclusively on WEP, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

I learned quite a few things from it, but most importantly, I had lots of fun during the challenge. This course will definitely make you try harder, but it is very doable. Every day hurts, the last one kills.


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