After all, there are numerous baby food brands on the market with different flavors, types, and prices, all claiming to have very highly nutritious ingredients plus vitamins and minerals, and catering specifically to the needs of your little one. Advantages Of Homemade Baby Food Complete knowledge of what your baby is eating Producers of some of the prepackaged foods may not tell you about everything used in preparing their products. Some ingredients, such as preservatives or artificial flavors, may not be disclosed, and this can be an issue, especially if your baby has particular food allergies. Making your own baby food gives you the chance to know exactly what your baby is eating. Saves money Baby foods sold in stores come with huge price tags, and an average baby can consume about jars of those.

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Magis Would I recommend this product for fellow parents? Guess the device is not meant for steaming rice n dal. I had to quit my job after my little one arrived and during this time I found my passion!

Turn the jar around and open its lid, add in avocado and blueberries. Your email address will not be published. Wash plum with 1 part of vinegar mixed with 3 parts of water, rinse thoroughly. Yes, as much as possible. Hello… I have been using my Avent steamer cum blender slightly over a month. Carrots are rich in beta carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and they are very easy to digest.

Get ready for March 4! Without steaming, just peel the skin and cut into chunks. For 6 — 8 months: Just recipee — 2 rrcipes of 2 -3 blends. Once done just flip it over and blend immediately. As for me, I reci;es the plum puree to the rice cereal for the first time as I wanted baby tried only one plum and the amount after puree was too little. Simply to give you an idea which fruit items you bllender cook using this appliance, for your precious little one.

Handle plum and avocado the same ways listed above. Fill the measuring cup with ml of water and pour the water through the small opening at the side of the motor unit.

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Emma Williams, this app offers professional weaning advice, along with tasty, fresh cooked recipes and meal ideas to help you give your baby a healthy start in life and to set good, lifelong eating habits.

Pour ml water into the boiler unit and steam for 15 minutes Add the frozen peas to the jug. A short link can also be used: Subsequently, I added it to another fruit s. Pros of Philips avent combined steamer and blender: Once the carrots are steamed, the light will go off with a beep sound. Cookery books on Amazon I Can Cook!

Svent the lid again to blend altogether. Although daily food was served so but it was not suitable for babies and young toddler. Yes boiling leads to some nutrient loss compare to steaming! When I was planning to start solids for my baby at 6 months, i was damn sure that I am going to make my own baby food. Add boiled water if needed while blending. Steaming is one of the best method as it helps to preserve flavors and hlender.

Especially mine, who cannot handle spice. Tell d procedure for making puree in pressure cooker. A Cuppa for my thoughts: Recipe: Steam, flip, blend and serve Baby Food — Philips Lots and lots of step-by-step pictures make it easy to follow the instructions and get great results. Like minded mummies brought their own small kitchen appliances such as rice cooker and slow cooker to the camp too.

Also avoid including carrots daily if baby is constipated and try alternative days. Add another 50ml water to the boiler unit and steam for a further 5 minutes Turn the jug to the blending position and blend times until coarsely pureed Transfer to a bowl add a little unsalted chicken stock to get the correct consistency if necessary and allow to cool before serving. Refrigerate or freeze your remaining portions of chicken mixture for later use. So I searched for all baby food makers which makes my job easy.

All I had to do was flip it over once the vegetables were steamed and turn the knob to blender. I did it with fish and chicken before. Gives great inspiration for healthy meals for my daughter.

Add milk breast milk or formula milk and blend it. Before blending it, open the lid to add the ready banana chunks. Then chop them into equal size small cubes. Jun 21, Version 2. Then, cut plum into small pieces. Chicken pot pie I agreed to take the challenge because the timing was impeccable. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Pour to the serving bowl!

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Philips AVENT Combined Steamer And Baby Blender Recipes Blender.

Daikazahn For Stage 2 — 3 baby over monthsdo not blend too long. This really impressed most mummies, especially those who hate washing up! We made many types of baby food and Vegetable Medley seemed to be the most favoured by most of the babies and mummies at the camp. After chopping the vegetables, just pressure cook it for 3 whistles with a cup of water and then puree it.



Friday, 8 August Recipe: Steam, flip, blend and serve Baby Food - Philips I am usually very sceptical when it comes to buying stuff which is age specific unless it is absolutely necessary, like a baby car seat but even that, I bought a convertible car seat because it can be used from birth up to 4 years old. Prior to a purchase, I would meticulously go over its pros and cons, read many reviews and have a debate with my husband. That was my family motto when dealing with food, clothes and everything else. My dad had a hobby, he kept live stocks and planted fruit trees in our backyard. We pretty much had a self sustaining life relying on our own grown food which is considered a feat nowadays.

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