Order audiobook at Audible. Rule 2: Never kiss a vampire. While Vincent was a very light character when he made his appearance in Tall, Dark and Hungry , he turned out to have a less light side when I started writing his story. This upset me at first, but what can you do? Readers were asking for his story and it was his story I was writing, which meant I had to write him the way he was. Even though it has darker moments then some of the others, I still think it turned out all right.

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They all seem to have basically the same sort of plot A Bite to Remember is the fifth installment in the Argeneau series. Honestly, I enjoy Lynsay Sands, but this book is my favorite by far. It has even more action, romance, mystery and suspense than the other books combined. But she does have a interesting twist on the creation of vampires that hearkens back to the What a great book!

But she does have a interesting twist on the creation of vampires that hearkens back to the times of Atlantis. Private Investigator, Jackie Morrisey is hired by Vincent Argeneau to help him out with a business problem that has turned critical. Vincent needs help tracking down the person responsible for the sabotage.. Christian Notte, Dante and Tommaso. Vincent is one of my dream characters. Jackie is also a strong character. She has a painful past that catches up with her in this book.

It truly has a great developed plot and enough twists and turns that kept me wanting more! If you love Vampires, Romance, Suspense and mystery.. Another book that was hard to put down. This book centered around Vincent Argeneau whom we were introduced to in the last book.

He is an actor and heads his own production company to oversee all his plays. When one too many accidents happen that force him to close down play after play - he realizes these might not be accidents after all. He contacts his cousin Bastien who sends out the P.

I assume Vampires need P. Vincent opens the door and not only finds a woman but a mortal! Also - I love that Tiny is built like a mac truck but has a tender heart and loves to cook. What a fun read. Makes me wish for a rainy pajama day to curl up with it. On to book 6!


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