Acura TSX is a luxury business class car. It combines the most advanced technology and modern design. During its existence, Acura TSX has established itself as a reliable, stylish and comfortable car. But, like all other cars, Acura TSX requires periodic maintenance and repair, which will maintain its reliability. And so you want to be able to do everything yourself, and not to trust your favorite car to someone from the service center.

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Check for continuity between VTC oil control solenoid valve terminal No. Reconnect all connectors. YES: Go to step 9. YES: Go to step Turn the ignition switch OFF. Turn the ignition switch ON II. Is there about 5 V? NO: Troubleshooting is complete. Start engine, and let it idle for 10 seconds. NO: Go to step Check the result of step 4. Does the test result indicate one of the following failures?

Is there battery voltage? YES: Troubleshooting is complete. Is there continuity? Check the VTC oil control solenoid valve for sticking and the solenoid valve filter for clogging. If the valve is stuck or clogged, replace the VTC oil control solenoid valve.

Wednesday, March 12, AM Clearance A should be at least 1. If the valve does not open, replace it, then go to step Wednesday, March 12, AM Page Coat a new O-ring with engine oil, then install it. Clean and dry the mating surface of the valve. Install the valve. If the resistance is within specifications, check the solenoid valve filter A for clogging.

If it is clogged, replace the solenoid valve filter, the engine oil filter, and the engine oil. Remove the bolts C. Install the valve in the reverse order of removal with a new solenoid valve filter E. Install the switch in the reverse order of removal with a new O-ring C.


Acura TSX Service Repair Manual

Overview[ edit ] Acura TSX 2. The TSX has an optional technology package, which includes a navigation system real-time traffic and weather, and a speaker premium sound system with DVD-audio capabilities. For the model year, Acura introduced an all new Special Edition model. The exterior features a more aggressive front spoiler giving it a sporty look, reminiscent of their old sports coupe, the RSX. Other cosmetic upgrades include a rear bumper fascia, side sills, and a "Special Edition" badge on the trunklid.


Acura TSX 2004 Manual


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