Where is the passenger fuse panel located on a Mercury Sable? According to the Mercury Sable Owner Guide : The fuse panel is below and to the left of the steering wheel , by the brake pedal it has a cover on it Also , the Power Distribution Box which is " live " is located in the front of the engine compartment near the battery Where is the Mercury Sable horn fuse to check when the horn stops working? The fuse for the horn of a Mercury Sable is located in the engine compartment fuse box. Fuses in the fuse box are labeled with numbers, the number direct what job they handle.

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Lower the transaxle assembly from the engine compartment. Remove the rear engine support bracket. Remove the bolts. Remove the support bracket. Remove the bracket.. Carry out transaxle fluid cooler backflushing and cleaning.

Installation Install the rear engine support bracket and bolts. Tighten to specification.. Install the bracket. Tighten to specification. Install the transaxle. Position the transaxle on a high lift transaxle jack.

Install the bolts. Install the 2 transaxle retaining bolts. See Fig. Install NEW torque to flexplate nuts. Install the transaxle housing cover. Install the starter motor. Install the LH half shaft. Install the RH half shaft.. Remove the special engine support tools.

Install the bolts.. Reconnect the transaxle fluid cooler tubes. Install the retaining clips. Install the bracket and ground cable. Verify that the digital Transaxle Range TR sensor is correctly adjusted. Install the manual control lever cable and nut. Install the manual control lever cable into the bracket. Tighten the nut to specification.

Install the electrical connector bracket. Install the power steering line bracket. Reconnect the connectors. Install the air filter assembly. Install the engine air cleaner. Install the battery. Fill the transaxle with clean automatic transaxle fluid. Move the transaxle range selector lever through all positions. Check the fluid level. Remove the engine air cleaner. Remove the air filter assembly. Remove the battery tray. Disconnect the connectors.

Disconnect the connector. Remove the power steering line bracket. Remove the electrical connector bracket. Disconnect the TSS sensor connector. Remove the manual control lever cable. Remove the nut. Remove the shift actuator cable fitting from the shift cable and bracket. Remove the ground cable and bracket.

Remove the cooler line retaining clips. Depress the tabs on the plastic insert retainer and remove cooler lines from fitting. Install the 3 bar engine support. Install the engine lifting bracket on the right back hand side of the engine. Install the engine lifting bracket on the left front hand side of the engine. Raise the vehicle. Drain the transaxle fluid by lowering the transaxle pan.

Once the fluid has drained, re-install the pan. Remove the sub frame assembly. CAUTION:If the steering gear is removed with the subframe, do not allow the steering wheel to rotate while the steering column intermediate is disconnected or damage to the clockspring can result.

If there is evidence that the shaft has rotated, the clockspring must be recentered before the vehicle is driven. Remove the starter motor. Remove the transaxle housing cover.

Remove and discard the four torque converter to flexplate nuts. Position the high lift transaxle jack under the transaxle.

Remove the transaxle retaining bolt. Remove the bracket. Position the transaxle on a High Lift jack. Install the transaxle retaining bolts. Install the LH and RH half shaft. CAUTION:If the steering gear was removed with the subframe and there is evidence that the steering column intermediate shaft has rotated, the clockspring must be recentered before the vehicle is driven or damage to the clockspring can result. Install the subframe assembly. Remove the engine support.

Install the battery tray. Fill the transaxle using appropriate transaxle fluid. Start the engine. Removal 3. Disconnect the breather tubes. Remove the electrical connector and the wiring harness from the bracket. Disconnect the power steering sensor connector.

Disconnect the power steering.


MERCURY SABLE Owners Manual 2003

Now you can get your repair manual in a convenient digital format. This downloadable repair manual software covers the Mercury Sable and is perfect for any do-it-yourselfer. In the dark old days of auto repair, you had to buy a traditional service manual in book format which would retail at a higher cost. Getting the same information in digital format is so much less expensive and more convenient! Maybe you need the manual to fix the brakes on your Sable, or possibly replace some worn out suspension components.


Mercury Sable 2004 Owner's Manual



2003 Mercury Sable Service & Repair Manual Software


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