I work with computers a lot. Occasionally sic I need to fix freshly installed software on servers. ColdFusion is an app engine hailing from the dark days of the Internet around We run ColdFusion 8,9,10 on Linux. At one time ColdFusion bundled software services from other venders, like Verity.

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Multiple fields can be boosted by specifying the values as a comma-separated list. In ColdFusion 10, custom fields are dynamic.

In ColdFusion 9, all custom fields are displayed. This option was available in ColdFusion 9, but limited to four custom fields. In ColdFusion 10, the options are unlimited. In ColdFusion 10, you can sort the order in which search results have to be returned. Since strings are not tokenized, you cannot search any word in a string. String can be searched as a whole and not as individual words. You have to perform search using full string. Limitations: Searching custom fields of type text Text type field is tokenized and therefore you can search for any word in the text.

You can also search text using wild cards. The only limitation is that text type cannot be sorted while searching. Since text type is tokenized, Solr treats text as a set of tokens, and therefore sorting is not possible.

Limitations: Searching custom fields is case-sensitive Custom fields can be searched only in lowercase. Reload collection In ColdFusion 9, to reload an individual collection you have to restart Solr, which reloads all the collections. So, whenever you modify schema. In ColdFusion 10, you can limit the reload to a specific collection which helps in significant performance improvement. Support for additional languages ColdFusion supports search and indexing for 17 languages in addition to English.

If your language is not available, you can add to the list, provided Solr supports indexing and search for that language. If Solr supports the language, you can add it as follows: Add filter class in the schema.


ColdFusion Solr Tutorial

As an aside, a sure sign that Solr is not configured properly will be that no Solr collections are listed on this page despite the fact that the service is running. Upgrading from Verity to Solr Note that in ColdFusion 9, not only is Verity still available, but it is chosen by default. Assuming you create the collection in the default directory shown in the image above, the schema. Note that Solr has category support enabled by default actually, this is because the category field will just be defined as multiValued in schema.


Solr enhancements in ColdFusion 10


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