Enable zoom 3 Your outside calls will light green on your keyset and red on other keysets. You never lose sight of your calls while they are on hold. They stay right where you put them and are identified with a green flashing light. Switching from the handset to the speakerphone is easy. These three levels will be stored in memory until changed. If background music is turned on at your keyset, the volume keys will also control the level of music.

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If prompted to enter a password, do so at this time Default Password is After log in, you must set up all of the following five options for optimum performance. Password length can be from 1 to 8 digits. Default password is Record Your Name This recorded name plays to your callers when they are transferred through the Auto Attendant.

The Automated Directory also plays your recorded name so callers receive the correct spelling. The Automated Directory uses the feature for callers who do not know your extension number but do know your name. After doing this, you will immediately hear a beep. After this beep, begin recording your greeting. Once you are finished recording your personal greeting, enter 2. To replay the greeting, press 1. When you are satisfied with your personal greeting, press to save.

NOTE: This Greeting will be played when someone calls or is transferred to your phone and you are unable to answer. This recording is mandatory and is different from the Mailbox Greeting recorded in step 5.

NOTE: The following Greeting plays when a call is transferred directly to your voicemail and your phone does not ring. It is different from the greeting recorded in step 4 and is mandatory.


Samsung iDCS 28D Quick Reference Manual



Samsung Idcs KeySet User Guide


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