Contents [ show ] Description UCS sets, introduced in , are meant to be more detailed and aimed at older builders. Typically, they represent a single ship, vehicle, place or character, using as many parts as required to have a very unique set. Usually, LEGO lists them as "hard to find" or "exclusives" on their website. These sets did not generally include Minifigures , but since , most have included at least one. Most are also not designed to scale with Minifigures , though there are some cases such as Slave I or Millennium Falcon where the set is completely to scale.

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In this regard, we would like to enumerate all the Millennium Falcon sets and compare them, so as to find out which model should be considered the best.

It consists of pieces and 6 Minifigures that were colored yellow, as was the classic minifigure skin color during that time. This set was definitely the cream of the crop during those days. The escape pod although no mention of it was made in the movies provided a really nice touch. It even had a seat and Dejarik table for Han Solo! This piece pioneered the legacy. Check reviews on Amazon Millennium Falcon This set stepped up a notch by adding more features and interior compartments.

The triangular plates at the top of the ship could now be opened to expose the interior. The starboard hatch lid could be pulled and they also added a boarding ramp for the heroes to get on board. The Snowtrooper used a heavy repeating blaster against our heroes. It consisted of pieces and was definitely a really great set. It truly lived up to its name as the successor to the Millennium Falcon Star Wars classic line.

It truly is a collectible and quite expensive on the secondary market. All of the Millennium Falcons produced were sold out as of June The model was built completely to minifigure scale and included the main hero characters from Star Wars A New Hope. The landing gears were adjusted to provide a stable base and the Radar dish was elevated and could now rotate. Aside from this, the boarding ramp could be extended, top and bottom quad-laser turrets could now move in a rotating manner.

The cockpit was also modified, allowing access to the minifigures. As with all of the Ultimate Collector Series sets this Millennium Falcon came with a display card with detailed ship specifications!

Composed of Layered plates rather than bricks, it only has a few moving parts. It was originally intended for display rather than for play. The only parts that move are the guns and the spinning radar dish.

This set has printed round tiles at the rear of the ship and at the four patches of machinery. One disappointing feature is the cockpit marked by a sticker. Released in August for the 10th Star Wars anniversary line, it only consists of pieces and no minifigures.

It is a little disheartening, seeing as how its predecessor surpassed all boundaries in size and build structure during that time. Released in July , this Falcon consisted of 1, pieces and had additional details that were not on the previous versions.

It has hull plates that could be opened to reveal a detailed interior, rotating quad laser cannons, twin flick missiles, and a detachable cockpit cover. The other accessories include a cup, chairs, control panels, and game board. It also has dual spring-loaded shooters, a sensor dish ramp, and an entrance hatch.

The hull plates could be opened to reveal more updates such as the main hold with seating area and holochess board, secret compartments, a better hyperdrive, extra boxes and cables, and storage for ammo. This Millenium Falcon was based on The Force Awakens version , sporting a new rectangular sensor dish and included new characters. It consists of pieces and was released in It has a clean-cut shape and is certainly more accurate.

Curved pieces were introduced, overcoming the blocky look of the previous UCS Falcon. Details are definitely more intricate in this set. The main hold of this set was also modified to include a seating area, a Dejarik game board, engineering station with a minifigure seat, a better engine room, more hidden compartments, 2 escape pod hatches, and an access ladder to the gunnery station.

The underside also has another laser cannon. The weapons would include a blaster pistol, stud-firing bowcaster, and a small silver blaster, and another blaster rifle. Only two months after it was released in November , all available sets were sold out. Luckily more stock is now available. It has a cockpit good for 2 minifigs with detachable canopy, spring-loaded shooters, a dish ramp, rotating laser turrets with 2 gunner seats, and a detachable escape craft. The interior included a cargo area with couch and a holochess table, bar, bunk, missile compartment, and a hyperdrive buildable with repair tools.

Additional electrobinoculars were added to the accessories. They have improved the build meaning there are now no gaps on the roof of the Falcon. Comparison We have examined the different LEGO Millennium Falcon sets according to detailed structure, design, size, shape, and minifigure patterns and composition. After summarising all of these sets, it is safe to assume that the detail award goes to UCS Millennium Falcon, although the detailed prints of the Kessel Run are also nice to look at, being all white with distinctive blue patterns.

The is also superior in size, build structure, and flexibility, being able to play the classic or newer versions. The minifigure award would probably be awarded to the Kessel Run minifigs. The prints are clearly more defined and detailed for imaginary role play. Let us know in the comments.


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LEGO SET 10179-1 - Millennium Falcon - UCS



Ultimate Collector's Series


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