What kind of data access do I need or what does the service need to do? Flex and Java Hi, Would it be possible to get the Java source for this please? It is always good to satrt with the official site: Just an add on from the Brian comment. If you want, you can quit the application and rerun it to verify that the product you just added really was stored in the database. The one indicator I found particularly useful to determine the maximum capabilities of the client is the message latency.

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Set up blazeds on tomcat with eclipse for FLEX. Alright, This is a quick post on how to setup your first blazeds environment for eclipse on your existing tomcat installation. By the end of this short tutorial you will be able to have a simple flex page that can call your remote object using blazeds on tomcat.

Note:I use eclipse 3. Steps will probably remain the same for flex builder with wtp installed too. Download blazeds from adobe. Extract the blazeds. I will tell you how to use this in a few steps. Create your tomcat server on eclipse.

If you had not added your existing tomcat as a runtime in eclipse , this is a good time to do so. Create a new "Dynamic web project " on eclipse. Call it BlazeAllinOne. Now go back to the folder where you had extracted blazeds. And most importantly the new web. Right click on the project and change the build path such that the java classes will be compiled into the classes folder.

NOtice the "Default output folder" entry that is pointing to the classes folder we copied from blazeds. Open the services-config. Build your project, if you have not set Build-Automatically on the project menu. By this point you have generic blazeds-tomcat setup that can invoke remote objects. Verify your setup by testing if the amf links are active. Paste the endpoint url you changed on services.

If you get error,Somethings wrong! Now some clarifications. Why did I create a dynamic web project and copy my blazeds files? Because only of its a DWP , eclipse will deploy it in tomcat container. If you had created a simple java project and pointed to your blazeds WEB-INF folder, eclpse will not deploy the app, everytime you start the server through eclipse. Let us now see how we tie up flex to the server side environment we just created.. Create a simple java classes on your blaze-server project.

Something like this package test;.


Finally…A Working LCDS Development Environment!

February tutorail, at 3: Please copy the code from this URL http: Channels are defined in the services-config. Damon has been blogging about this recently. This web application has lots of destinations exposed as shown in the image above. When you specify a tutrial, save it to the database, and reload it, you are loading the FLOAT17 version of the data. In the code snippet above, p roduct is the instance of Product which was bound to the formSelectedProduct. Thank dlex for this very useful post. In the generated result handler add the following code.



You will see a window launched with options to fill project properties as shown in the image below. Fill project properties as shown in the image below. For the modeler plugin to retrieve data sources we configured, we need to configure RDS Server settings in Flash Builder. Configure RDS Server for lcds web application as shown in the image below. In this screen: 1. Click Next to continue.

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