The rear includes HDMI via which video can be upscaled to p , composite video output, an optical audio output, stereo phonos, an Ethernet connector and two USB ports. A compatible wireless dongle is needed for Wi-Fi. The lengthy remote has an attractive glossy black finish and is tapered in the middle so it sits well in the hand. The slick, colourful UI is pretty much the same as that found on the HDR boxes, with a Home screen acting as your main jumping-off point.

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Then we moved house and there was no aerial. However, there was a Virgin wall box well, NTL box to be precise and some loose Sky cables poking through the wall as a relic of a previous contract. It suddenly made sense. Pocket-lint The deal, typically, is that you need to fork out a load of cash to have internet, phone and TV.

Freesat HD gives you all the "normal" channels: the spectrum of BBC, ITV and C4 options including 11 high-def options, alongside a smattering of other standard-def channels and radio to total in all.

Screw in the F-connector to the rear LNB socket to source the signal from the dish, connect an HDMI from the box to your TV to deliver a decoded image and, for the purposes of catch-up, connect an Ethernet cable from your router to the box too. All done. We can live with that. Quality content A provided remote control gives you full volume and channel controls in addition to navigation.

We did find ourselves running a "dual volume" setup, however, with the TV set to one level and the separate Freesat signal to another. Even though starting up from cold takes its time, once the box is up and running the EPG is quick to navigate and easy to understand. More on that side of things later. What made it all the more bizarre was that the PlayStation 3 running the same catch-up app over Wi-Fi - the Humax is wired only - provided a much cleaner image.

For the major five channels the HBS has you covered though. The main thing that Freesat lacks, and the reason the pricier options from BT and Sky may be more appealing, is live sports. If you need this then either pop to the pub or stump up the costs because, well, sport is expensive. If you happen to have a satellite dish in place - or you could install one if Freesat tempts you enough - then this affordable box is simple to setup and delivers great looking live and catch-up content, in high-definition where applicable.

As we found in a new property where an aerial was absent, the Humax was the perfect fit solution. It can easily be supplemented by other services too, without the entire month in, month out cost.


Humax HB-1000S review

Freesat services are available from all HBS models. The award winning on —screen TV guide that is easy to use via the remote control and enables you to quickly find the TV you want to watch, whenever you want. Catch up on TV from the last seven days Catch up on the last 7 days of TV across 26 channels with the Freesat roll back TV guide and never miss a show. By regularly visiting Showcase you will always be informed of what is best to watch. TV at your fingertips Download for free the Freesat app. Optional Recording Ability By purchasing a plug in hard drive recorder you can not only view the free to air satellite broadcasts you can save them to view again later.


Humax HB-1000S Freesat HD box review


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