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It contains nearly 1. View the device from even wider angles with a generous degree viewing angle. Moreover, with five-millisecond response times and high-end performance, your games and videos will appear as smooth as silk with a low risk for ghosting and lag. Rotate the monitor to change it from a regular view to portrait mode if you need to view long documents or webpages. Moreover, the on-screen display OSD adjustment allows for ease of setup and screen optimization.

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Page 2 P. All rights reserved. A—1 Using the World Wide Web A—3 Preparing to Call Technical Support. If another cord is used, use only a power source and connection appropriate for this monitor. Adjust only those controls that are covered in the operating instructions. If your monitor is not operating properly or has been dropped or damaged, contact your HP authorized dealer, reseller, or service provider.

These openings must not be blocked or covered. Never push objects of any kind into cabinet slots or other openings. Page Setting Up The Monitor Setting Up the Monitor To set up the monitor, ensure that the power is turned off to the monitor, computer system, and other attached devices, then follow these steps: 1.

Place the monitor in a convenient, well-ventilated location near your computer. Your computer must have a DVI-compatible graphics card installed for use with this cable. Page 13 Setting Up the Monitor 3. Connect one end of the power cable to the back of the monitor, and the other end to a power source. Page 14 Setting Up the Monitor 4. The grounding plug is an important safety feature. Plug the power cord into a grounded earthed electrical outlet that is easily accessible at all times.

The monitor will automatically determine which inputs have valid video signals. Read the caution and warning statements below before beginning the procedure. Disconnect and remove the signal and power cables from the back of the monitor.

Remove the four screws as shown in the following illustration. This software enables the computer to communicate with the monitor and use all the monitor features.

Click the Settings tab. Click Advanced Properties or Advanced, and select the Monitor tab. Click Properties. Click the Driver tab. Click Update Driver and click Next. Select the recommended option and then click Next. To install the driver for the f monitor: 1. Click Start. Click Control Panel. Click Appearance and Themes. Click Display. Use the left arrow and right arrow keys in the menu window to make your adjustments. Two OSD menus are available; one for basic adjustments, and one for advanced adjustments.

Two controls in the on-screen display can be adjusted to improve image performance: Clock and Clock Phase. Use these controls only when the auto-adjust function does not provide a satisfactory image. Page Solving Common Problems Troubleshooting Solving Common Problems The following table lists possible problems, the possible cause of each problem, and the recommended solutions.

Problem Possible Cause Solution Screen is blank. Power cord is Connect the power cord. Power switch is Turn on the power. Page Recognizing Preset Display Resolutions Technical Specifications Recognizing Preset Display Resolutions The display resolutions listed below are the most commonly used modes and are set as factory defaults. This monitor automatically recognizes these preset modes and they will appear properly sized and centered on the screen.


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