Mauzilkree Table describes these components. For more information, see Rational ClearQuest e-mail. Click the Set credentials link in the Report Launcher for Rational ClearQuest web interface to specify credentials that are stored and passed when launching reports. The e-mail message must follow a set format so that the data in it can be interpreted by the Rational E-Mail Reader, which runs as a Windows Service on the database server. You should uninstall Crystal Reports, followed by removing the C: Copy new files, include subdirectories, suppress prompts and output, overwrite read-only files:: Testing the import process This topic provides an overview of the steps you should cleaquest to test the import process. However in most other cases, you might want to demonstrate a Jira reeport instance that contains real business data from your ClearQuest system.

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Before you start In this tutorial, you will learn some of the basic tasks for using Rational ClearQuest for software change management. You will learn how to create and execute queries, generate reports and charts, and create new defect records. You will also learn about some of the powerful additional features of Rational ClearQuest. About this series This series is for users interested in trying some of the change and configuration management capabilities of Rational ClearCase and Rational ClearQuest without installing or configuring the tools.

This evaluation provides both tools in a ready to use state from inside a single Eclipse-based shell. By the end of the evaluation, you should have a feel for how Rational ClearCase and Rational ClearQuest work together to provide a complete change and configuration management solution.

Part 2 , presents an overview of Rational ClearQuest and how it is used alone to manage defects, enhancements and other changes. Part 3 describes how to perform the basic tasks within Rational ClearCase. Objectives In this tutorial you will be fulfilling the role of several stakeholders in the software development process including a: project lead, developer, integrator and release engineer.

By acting in these roles, you will work a defect through the development lifecycle; from submission to completion. Along the way you will observe how Rational ClearCase and Rational ClearQuest work together to control and manage the process of change in software development.

Prerequisites Basic knowledge of Rational ClearQuest or change management concepts is helpful, but not required. Once you start the trial, you have three hours to explore the application. We recommend that if you are new to Rational ClearQuest, you use our evaluation guide to explore some core features. You will need to download Citrix client software before using the online trial program.

After you install the client, you will be asked to restart your browser. If you do not have the Citrix client installed when you attempt to access the online trial, you will be prompted to install the client.

Introduction to ClearQuest ClearQuest capabilities IBM Rational ClearQuest is a change management solution that automates and controls processes for improved effectiveness, improves visibility into projects with real-time status and reporting, and manages issues to completion through defect and change tracking.

ClearQuest shortens development cycles by unifying your entire team in the process of managing software change requests: Development engineers can identify and prioritize action items that pertain to their section of code. Technical writers can locate development change requests that require enhancements to the documentation, as well as change requests pertaining to the documentation itself.

Quality engineers can record the defects they find, and track the status and resolution of change requests to verify software quality. Project leaders and managers can get information at a glance to help them allocate development resources, streamline work flow, and accurately determine release dates. The flexibility of the solution is what makes it powerful enough to meet all types of needs. This evaluation addresses some basic features of the tool, and gives insight into some of the more advanced features available.

Rational ClearQuest also offers migration, import and export features that allow you to move your existing data into Rational ClearQuest so that you lose nothing and keep your projects moving forward.

Out-of-the-box reporting Rational ClearQuest provides insight into development processes with comprehensive support for querying, charting and reporting. Distribution, trend and aging charts help to visualize complex data. Charts can be easily created and refined to allow you to drill into the area of data you need.

Individual team members can gain quick access to their prioritized development activities by generating to-do lists. Queries and reports allow you to view the associations of development assets. Defect and change tracking Rational ClearQuest can manage every type of change activity associated with software development, including enhancements, defects, and documentation modifications. By documenting and managing issues to resolution, Rational ClearQuest provides closed-loop change management, delivers better project control and helps improve software quality.

Access virtually anywhere, anytime Rational ClearQuest provides a wide range of access capabilities to help ensure all team members, local and remote, have access to the most up-to-date change management information. Web clients provide access to Rational ClearQuest capabilities in an easy-to-use browser interface. Web clients can simplify administration by eliminating the need to distribute, install, configure, maintain or upgrade software and individual user sites.

During a build cycle, Rational Build Forge can directly create and update Rational ClearQuest build records, providing enhanced audit trails and extended traceability. Limitations of this evaluation Note: This evaluation does not address build tracking, deployment tracking or test management features. If this functionality is of interest, please contact your IBM Rational sales representative at for technical assistance.

Additional features such as enforcing electronic signatures or a complete Audit Trail log of all changes at the field level can also be evaluated by your IBM Rational sales representative. Test Management Rational ClearQuest manages the full range of testing activities, from test planning through execution, through capturing and analyzing the complete record of test results.

Test plans can be defined. Test cases can be created and associated with specific test plans. Rational ClearQuest is integrated with a variety of test execution tools, including tools from IBM, open source and 3rd party vendors.

This enables Rational ClearQuest to associate test execution scripts authored in these tools with test cases in Rational ClearQuest, and to initiate test execution.

Rational ClearQuest captures the test results, which can be easily summarized into a chart or report. Tivoli Provisioning Manager can directly update Rational ClearQuest deployment records to track when a build starts, when it ends, build logs and other build information. With Rational ClearQuest you can establish approval gates before deploying to an environment. In addition, Tivoli Provisioning Manager can be launched directly from Rational ClearQuest to facilitate deploying the approved build.

Additional features Rational ClearQuest also offers many additional features including but not limited to : Process automation including e-mail notifications and workflow customization with the Rational ClearQuest Designer tool Activity-based change management with IBM Rational ClearCase.

To get a feel for the product, we will use a simple sample application that tracks defects as a sample change record type. The online help is comprehensive but does not focus on the sample database application itself. Features to meet governance, compliance and auditing initiatives Rational ClearQuest includes additional features for more extensive compliance and governance needs. The sample application uses a simple history feature to track when a record is edited and by whom, in addition to the state of a record and when it changed.

Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure 4. The ClearQuest workspace View image at full size Using the sample application On the initial launch of the client, you may not have any queries available.

Once you have become familiar with the interface you will likely have some queries, charts or reports executed for you automatically each time you login.

Each user can personalize these settings to match their specific needs. TIP: To set a query, chart or report to run when you login, right-click on the item in the left-hand window pane and choose Run at Startup.

Figure 6. Running a query a startup.





Rational ClearQuest FAQs: Working with reports and queries


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