Universal became nervous about giving the film to first-time directors and ended up replacing Masterton and Tune with Colin Higgins. Whether she was right or wrong in those decisions, it was amazing to me that she could do it. Pepper commercials "They have a lot of wonderful movement," said Higgins. They wanted Mickey Rooney , so I manipulated him a little.

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During the Depression, the girls traded services for farm goods and livestock. So many chickens were received that hen houses were set up for poultry and egg production - hence the name Chicken Ranch.

Jim Flournoy, former Texas Ranger and country sheriff since , cited charitable work, saved marriages, and local acceptance and refused to close it. This happy-go-lucky view of small-town vice and state-wide political side-stepping recounts the good times and the demise of the Chicken Ranch, known since the s as one of the better pleasure palaces in all of Texas.

Governors, senators, mayors, and even victorious college football teams-sponsored by an alumnus-frequented the Chicken Ranch until that puritan nemesis Watchdog focused his television cameras and righteous indignation on the institution.

They confide to Miss Mona that they have never done anything professional but plead for the chance to get some money together for a fresh start. Mona is taken with their honesty, hires them on, and sees to their training. The alumni associates of each school traditionally treat the winners of the annual rivalry to a night of frolicking at the Ranch.

Some important political and business leaders are involved, too. Miss Mona always has the right people to call on for advice. Things are pretty much as they have been for 58 years-until Melvin P. In fact, when Melvin visits the Ranch, Sheriff Dodd runs him off.

It seems there is a romantic interest between the sheriff and Mona. In retaliation, Melvin raids the Ranch with his camera crew. The surprise visit proves embarrassing for all the above. Chicken Ranch is now too public to remain open in face of the state law against prostitution. Melvin P. Thorpe wins again. The girls ponder their futures as they await the bus from Amarillo. Mona and Sheriff Dodd pause for a moment of nostalgia before locking up after the girls have gone.

Its pleasures are surprisingly innocent and despite a certain amount of raunchy language The story is told with a good deal of gusto and a wealth of comic detail, chiefly concerned with Texas politics.

A lively, genial and unassuming musical comedy The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is very much on the sunny side of the street The talk is racy and unrestrained, but all in fun Both sunny and funny with its cheerful disregard for reality.

Edsel Mockey, storyteller can be the bandleader. Mona Stangley, ish, attractive madam, hard but with a heart, sings. Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd, towering actor, joins in one song. Shy, Angel, Doatsey Mae, and Imogene Charlene, featured roles for attractive girls who sing and dance. Jewel, black torch singer has lines, dances. Thorpe, fanatical character man.

Total cast Thorpe, good-looking off-duty sports outfits for all girls, football uniforms. One front and one back drop. Scene 2: The Chicken Ranch, early s. Scene 3: Same.

Scene 4: Melvin P. Scene 5: Back at the Chicken Ranch. Scene 6: Same. Scene 7: Courthouse Steps, Gilbert, Texas. Scene 8: Texas Twinkle Cafe. Scene After the Ganse and on the way to the Chicken Ranch. Scene The Chicken Ranch. Scene The Chicken Ranch, later that night.

Scene 3: The Chicken Ranch. Scene 5: The Chicken Ranch. Jazz, rock, disco, precision drill, cheer-leading, and a trick rope spinner.


Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The Musical Lyrics

Finale We would suggest that the great success of this musical — shows — was due to the blatant appearances of actresses that played in it — because they all were dressed up as women of easy virtue — with all outwardly or barely hidden charms. This is probably one of the few — if not the only — musicals where husbands dragged their women to watch it, not vice versa. Its premiere took place on Broadway in in the 46th Street Theatre. The actors were as follows: J. Garner, P. Blair, J. Ellis, C.


Best Little Whorehouse In Texas Script Pdf


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The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas Script


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