What if I told you that you are a genius in disguise and that you are biologically hard-wired with super powers that only a select few tap into? While there, a Six-Step and One Command process wrote itself in my mind. The results were that — I saved my home, I wrote The One Command book, and I shared the message of what I discovered until it became a worldwide program and system of rapid and wonderful change for health, wealth, love, and happiness, almost as if on its own. All the opportunities I have enjoyed such as my success as an acclaimed author, world thought leader, Enlightened Consciousness Coach, and teacher came from the application every day of this simple system. I love sharing the message of The One Command!

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Live beyond the ordinary and create with your untapped hidden powers! A new force of enlightenment has arrived — are you ready to live fully and to move past the struggle to overcome? Are you ready to go beyond your self-imposed ceiling? Ever since I was a child I had the gift of insight to read, see and feel what others around me were thinking and feeling. Like other awakened individuals, that knowing was severely dampened until much later in my life when I appeared on radio and TV, became a well-known author and held live events around the world with the message I wanted each person to hear — that you have amazing untapped abilities to change, improve and create brand new realities for yourself and others.

And now there is more support and energy to do so than ever before. I watched The One Command empower and enlighten those just like you, again and again. I invite you to engage your inherent untapped subconscious powers and expand them beyond what you think is possible; to direct and enhance your life both quickly and easily, and to tune in to the new-elevated frequencies bombarding the planet through our One Command Enlightened Consciousness programs.

As you apply the 6-Steps and One Command process you begin to unravel the past limits and create new brain connections, with your new intentions.

The one that soars beyond your fixed reality and sees into the greater mystery of who you truly are. Discover transformative audios, interviews, articles, videos and meditations. Consciousness is a quirky thing — intangible but real and powerful. If there is a way to go beyond your current situation — to solve problems in peace and confidence and to realize your dreams with reduced or no interference — would you want that?

To have intuition, insight and inner certainty replace the feeling of suppression or being suppressed by your life circumstances or by another. Then you are in the right place.

Especially if you notice evolving consciousness is all around you; in your daily life you notice the calling to be more, do more, and know more right now. There is a sense of urgency, as world conditions rise in confusion, to bring in greater clarity for yourself, and to become the transformation you seek.

Watch the video and take the time to explore Self-Growth , Empowerment , and Enlightenment as each area offers a specific focus for your liberation. Get started today.



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