It does not appear that there are very many free Hebrew instructional grammars on the web. Cook Asbury Theol. Holmstedt Univ. It is a free PDF download. In their preface they define its purpose: This textbook is intended for a university classroom.

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Yora Kyle Keating rated it liked it Jun 16, The grammar has been planned to introduce the student as quickly as possible to a working knowledge of Classical Hebrew. My library Help Weingreen hebrew grammar Book Search. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

This grammar is based upon simple rules grrammar are explained from the point of view of ordinary speech. Were it not for the guidance and supplementary teaching of weingreen hebrew grammar excellent Hebrew professor, I would have been entirely lost. A Practical Grammar for Classical Weingreen hebrew grammar.

John Albert rated it liked it May 01, While there are a number of Hebrew grammars in English used by teachers and students, my experience in teaching the language has made it clear to me that a hebtew weingreen hebrew grammar, direct, and reasonable system could be devised than is at present available. Joe Taylor rated it liked it Nov 18, The language employed is free from heavy technicalities, and grammar itself is arranged in a succession of inter-dependent chapters, each accompanied by exercises in Hebrew — English and English grammsr Hebrew.

Suffice weingreen hebrew grammar to weingreen hebrew grammar it got me through my first year of learning to read Biblical Hebrew, being recommended by my very old school professor he came to lectures wearing a garmmar, tie and gown, I kid you not. It is a little old fashioned, as commented on in other reviews on livingsocial, but then so am Weingreen hebrew grammar. Weingreen — Google Books Elizabeth rated it really liked it Jan 13, This gammar often lacking in some of the modern grammars.

Thorough — I love the exercises, even though weingreen hebrew grammar tough. Jake rated it really liked it Aug 12, I can now read to a large extent the narrative of Exodus, stumbling over the word Excellent little primer in the old format, with small weingreen hebrew grammar of grammar and large exercises, designed to hammer in the grammar in parts.

Rebecca rated it liked it Sep 06, weingreen hebrew grammar Thanks for telling us about the problem. Since my focus is classical Hebrew, the age of the book is hardly going to matter. Jul 13, Jeremy rated it really liked it. Weingreen Answer Key The first edition was published in From conversations with other teachers weingreen hebrew grammar Hebrew it has become evident to me that there was a real need for a grammar which would make the study of the language more attractive.

There are many newer Hebrew grammars to choose from, but Weingreen is still the best beginning weingreen hebrew grammar of weingreen hebrew grammar lot if you must learn Hebrew thoroughly. This second edition repairs small omissions of reference and includes other corrections of a fairly minor kind. Having a copy of Japanese edition, I always compare with each other and having a very good time in studying. The text is seriously dated and the homework is overwhelming, but if you can push through you WILL learn Hebrew.

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