The TEA is the controller of a compact flyback converter, with the IC situated at the primary side. An auxiliary winding of the transformer provides demagnetization detection and powers the IC after start-up. The TEA operates in multi modes. The next converter stroke is started only after demagnetization of the transformer current zero current switching , while the drain voltage has reached the lowest voltage to prevent switching losses green function. The primary resonant circuit of primary inductance and drain capacitor ensures this quasi-resonant operation.

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Schmitt trigger action at all inputs makes the circuit tolerant to slower input rise and fall times across the entire VCC range from 0. The 3-state outputs are controlled by the output enable inputs 1OE and 2OE. The is a high performance, fixed frequency, dual current mode controller specifically designed for Off-Line and to DC converter applications.

It offers the designer a cost effective solution with minimal external components. This integrated circuit a unique oscillator for precise duty cycle limit and frequency control, a temperature compensated reference,. DCR :. Characteristics Conditions 48 V Output Min. The A suffix devices are fully specified. This device can function by 1 chip due to include 4 channel BTL drivers. Three channels of this device, ch1, ch2 and ch3 can be controlled by PWM pulse.

Two of them, ch1 and ch2 can also act in the Current Control mode. Furthermore, this device includes two mute circuits. MM : mA Regulator. This is an ultra-small, low noise, stable power supply that supports ceramic capacitors low ESR Output current goes to mA, and use of a noise pin reduces output noise even further. Recommended maximum. STK : Fixed. This IC incorporates in the package all the necessary circuits for a chopper regulator including power switch, error amplifier, soft start, shutdown type output short protection, low-voltage malfunction.

The product is controllable by a combination of serial SPI and parallel inputs. It programmable fault management modes and allows power-limiting PWM operation with programmable refresh time. The device. The logic input is compatible with standard CMOS outputs. The output driver a high pulse current buffer stage designed for minimum cross-conduction. The floating channel can be used. The input supply voltage range is 2. Connected in series to a 5 V rail, it is capable of protecting the electronic circuitry on its output from overcurrent and overvoltage.

The device has a controlled delay and turn-on time. When an overload condition occurs,.


Витязь 38ctv 710-1TS шасси МШ-71



Не запускается б.п. тв. PHILIPS на микросхеме: TEA1507P



TEA1507P NXP ki2


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