It is said that Lord Shiva himself constantly chants of the name of Rama. Chalath kundalam bru sunethram vishaalam,Prasannananam neela rudrashtaakm dhayalam l. Sphuran mouli kallolini charu ganga,Lasaddala balendu kante bhujanga. The Ashtakam is in reverence to Rudra, though the context pertains to rudrashtakam in Shiva, the post- Vedic transformation of Rudra. Guru Paduka Ridrashtakam English Guru Paduka Stotram is, as the very name suggests, a prayerful glorification of the padukas wooden sandals of ones spiritual master, the Guru. General Our expectation from hariharji.

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In this Stotram, we explain supremacy of Shiva as per our knowledge. To understand Mahadev and their power, Stotram is chanted. Rudrashtakam Meaning In this part, we will see detailed meaning and word by word explanation.

First, Rudrashtakam start from "Namami" which shows, I honour to. Location of Himalaya is in this direction from the India. Everyone in world is incomplete.

Only Lord Shiva is complete. After stotra call Shiva by names "Vibhu", "Vyapaka", "Brahman". It glorify that Shiva is everywhere in world. They are in world and also beyond it. They are ultimate destination for all souls. They are Supreme who is not possible to define. Shiva has all knowledge. They know all Vedas and Puranas, nothing is in world that is unknown to them. Shiva is also called as Swayambhu because they appear by themselves as they think.

There is Satvaguna, Rajoguna, but it is for material world. In this world, creatures are not perfect, and he has desire, ego, by which he trap in illusion of world. But God Shiva is perfect, who is not in control of Gunas.

Lord Shiva is "Nirvikalpa", who is always as they are. They are absolute, above all states, thinking. God Shiva is called as Vairagi, once they burn Kamadeva Cupid , who try to generate desires in them. They have no body. They stay in everyone. They are in the world, and also not in it. They also create shape, size, colour. Om is fundamental, has all power and represent Supreme Brahman. Shiva is above all perception, feelings, and in stage for which no way to describe it.

Process of visualization or seeing depends on electromagnetic wave which eyes detect and brain find patterns, try to make image. Due to blessing of Shiva, we get such extremely designed brain. How can we perceive Shiva in ego that we can see them by material things!

In first appearance, they seem with Ash, skin of tiger, with snakes, which can seem terrible to one who not know symbolism behind it. Once Mena, mother of Goddess Parvati, shocked by seeing Lord Shiva in this form, but as she knows reason, she give hand of Parvati to Mahadev. In ancient history, there is numerous occasions when Shiva protect devotees from death, Yama. They forget mistakes of Jeevas creatures , and save him from dangers.

Even Goddess Saraswati sing qualities for crores of years, there is still nothing really can explained. Shiva is infinite, and have infinite sea of qualities. I give honour to Lord Shiva by saying "Natoaham". Their thoughtfulness is described by "Gambhiram". Ganga comes on head of Shiva by Penance of Bhagiratha and his ancestors.

Shiva save moon from curse of Daksha. Moon and other sages chant Mahamrityunjay mantra 10 crores times in Prabhasa, and pleased by it, Lord Shiva make curse such as he fifteen days he will rise and in fifteen days he decay. In a form when moon is decay or crescent, Shiva give him place on Head, and therefore also known as Chandrashekar. Shiva controlling snakes indicates, they are controller of horror, dangers.

Shiva have three eyes. To destroy evils, they open third eye. It is also Symbol of knowing past, future and present. They also known as Trayambak. They have also destroyed Kamadeva by third eye. By remembering whom, devotee get peace, who take away every sorrow of devotee. Their face is unimaginable, their form is not just one, but so many. In which form devotee pray, they take that form. There is interesting history behind name. Once in Samudramanthana, poison comes out.

No one able to shallow it, except Lord Shiva. To save universe and to mercy on everyone, Shiva drink poison. They hold it in throat. By effect of poison, and actually divine play of Shiva, colour of throat becomes like blue. Whenever devotee face problem,they instantly remove it. They reduced curse on moon, and give him place on head. They save universe from poison. Devotees who gives just water on Shivling, they give enormous wealth.

They are remover of sorrow, ego, illusion. Shiva wear skin off elephant because it is asked by Gajasura. What exact happens? He understands himself as immortal, and in ego, he destroy numerous place. To save everyone, Lord Shiva fight against him. While he was dieing, he ask a wish to wear his skin. Shiva fulfill it and from then they also wear skin of elephant. In event of Lingodbhava, Brahma lie, and Kalbhairava cut the fifth head of Brahma.

Cutted head of Brahma is weared by Shiva. Shiva has crores of devotees, they are always in heart of devotee. Even one is Devtas, human or demons, Shiva is Lord of all.

They protect animal, they give enough to every creatures. I honour to such Shiva by "Bhajami". Shiva is angry for evils, for who harms other. Shiva is incomparable, God of animal, all living entities. They present in Universe still they are not there. They are infinite and beyond Infinity. They are brighter than most brightest star in galaxies. Even brightness not explain their form, they are above photon particles which is reason for emitting and transmitting light.

But still if Shiva want to take form, they are brighter than crores of sun, and combination of all source of light. As per Scriptures, sorrows are of three types named, aadhi, vyadhi, upadhi. But Shiva is remover all problems from life of devotee, even it is related to the mental problem, health, any pain, or any types of problems. Shiva also has Trishula in hand, which shows, they destroy all three sorrows. Shiva has Trishula, which is one of the most powerful weapon.

It has such power that if anything destroy by it, it will never come back to original place. Once due to deep reason, they cut head of Ganesha by Trishula. Original head of Ganesha will not there, as it cutted by Trishula. I honour to Shiva by "Bhajeaham", who is "Bhavanipati", husband of Goddess Parvati, who likes devotion and called "Bhavagamyam".

They always want best of devotee, even he is demon. To protect world, and welfare of Universe, they even drink poison. Shiva ends our Universe, but it is not sign of ending forever, because each end has starting, and it start creation against.

Creation and destroyance is cyclic process occurs each time, and one cycle is called Kalpa. People who works according to Dharma and always helps other, are liked by Shiva. Shiva provide him peace of mind, and happiness. Once three demons penance on Brahma.

When Brahma pleased, they first asked immortality. But Brahma denied and says, Anyone who takes birth have death. Ask anything else.


Rudrashtakam - In sanskrit with meaning

We sing of that which is all-powerful for those who meditate upon energy latent motion , all-encompassing for those who meditate upon motion activated energy and the primal cause for those who meditate upon causation source of motion-energy. We know that to be Shiva which is the devourer of the exterior perception, the deconstructor of all narratives of external reality, who exists beyond the physical universe. We know that to be Shiva that transcends all these levels, beyond individuated comprehension. Shiva exists beyond the realm of physical reality.


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