Potain et Cie. Im Jahr lancierte Potain die Marke Record. Niemand ahnte damals, dass aus dem kleinen Burgunder Unternehmen der bedeutendste Turmdrehkran Hersteller der Welt entstehen sollte. Bald stellte Potain Kleinkrane her. Die eigentliche Kranproduktion begann im Jahr mit dem Typ Record 5.

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Maximum working radius has been increased to 65m. Hoisting mechanisms for this crane are all variable frequency type. Features : - Easier and faster to erect than the previous hammerhead model. Leong Kwong-Joon, regional product manager for tower cranes at Manitowoc Cranes, explains that growing time pressures on job sites means the introduction of the MCT and the smaller MCT 85 will attract the attention of many tower crane users at the trade show.

Topless cranes are also faster and easier to erect. The heaviest group of components is just 7. Attention has been paid to transportation too, with three jib sections able to fit inside a standard container.

This practical unit is surprisingly easy to transport, with the entire top portion of the crane able to travel on just two trucks. Again, on-site assembly is simplified thanks to the pre-assembly work done at the Zhangjiagang factory before the crane is delivered to the customer. For example, the counterjib and towerhead are fitted together as a single component and can be lifted as such.

Connecting the jib, is facilitated through the use of quick and easy pin-connectors. Like the MCT , the MCT 85 can be operated as an internal climbing crane, sitting inside the building it is constructing.

Mounted on its 1. This rough-terrain crane has a Reach can be extended further to Rough-terrain cranes are popular at various industrial locations across China including mines, petrochemical plants and power generating facilities. There are already several RTE units in the country. The all-steel Vision cab offers excellent visibility while its acoustic lining and ergonomic layout improve operator efficiency. The two new Potain tower cranes, the MCT and MCT 85, are topless models, which include the latest design for better on-site placement, allowing contractors to situate more cranes on projects, to speed construction.

With a focus on fast erection, the complete upperworks for the MCT can be assembled in four lifts. Smaller than the MCT , it has a 5 t maximum capacity and an ability to lift 1. This practical unit is efficiently easy to transport, needing just two trucks for the entire top portion of the crane. Again, on-site assembly is simplified thanks to the pre-assembly work done at the Potain factory in Pune before the crane is delivered to the customer. For example, the counterjib and towerhead are assembled as a single component and can be lifted as such.

Connecting the jib is quick and easy, facilitated through the use of pin-connectors. This means the entire upperworks of the MCT 85 is connected in just two sections. Mounted on 1. A team of 11 Potain tower cranes are building the largest shopping mall in Europe. Covering an area the size of 65 football fields , m2 , Avia Park will be an entertainment and shopping complex in the heart of Moscow, Russia.

The Potain cranes will spend two years lifting general construction materials at the city center job site. The Potain cranes, which are a mix of different top-slewing models, were supplied by Moscow-based crane rental company Rentakran to main contractor Renaissance.

We are confident that this project will run smoothly with these cranes. The Potain cranes are operating at varying heights between 45 m and 66 m, and are rigged with 45 m to 70 m jibs. The cranes in use at the project offer capacities of up to 16 t. A team from Rentakran will manage the scheduled maintenance and service of the 11 cranes in conjunction with Manitowoc Crane Care, to ensure they continue to work at optimum efficiency.

Established in , Rentakran represents both Grove mobile cranes and Potain tower cranes in Russia, and operates a fleet of cranes, which it supplies to projects in Moscow and the surrounding region. Located in the center of Moscow city, the huge four-level complex will contain , m2 of leasable space and 7, parking spaces. The Potain MR is the first in an updated line of luffing jib cranes from the manufacturer, each with full frequency-controlled mechanisms for precision control.

The crane can be utilized in either one-fall or two-fall reeving and is perfect for power plants or high rise buildings, including super tall structures that exceed m ft in height. The kW hp LVF hoist offers excellent capabilities for working on high-rise projects.

On the top of that, the automatic adaptation to a 50 hz or 60 hz power network makes the crane easier to move to multiple countries. The luffing mechanism and hoist are uniquely mounted inside the counterjib.

There is a large, easily accessible service platform behind the cab, giving service technicians a single location from which to access all the major service points. Alexandre Chanteclair, product manager for top slewing tower cranes, highlighted the design benefits of the new luffing jib crane.

It also luffs the jib from the horizontal position to the vertical in just 1 minute 15 seconds, well under the 2 minutes that most luffing jib cranes of this size would require. Operators will also like the new auto-leveling function that allows the crane to move loads horizontally by using only the luffing motion, rather than the luffing motion combined with the hoist.

By allowing the operator to focus on only one operation, more precise control can be assured. The crane can be installed on fixing angles or on various sized chassis of 6 m x 6 m; 8 m x 8 m; and 10 m x 10 m 20 ft x 20 ft; 26 ft x 26 ft; and 33 ft x 33 ft. For example, a free-standing height of 90 m ft can be achieved on a 10 m x 10 m 33 ft x 33 ft chassis when fitted with 30 m 98 ft of jib. With its design focus on high-rise applications, the crane needs only three anchorages to reach a working height of m ft when fitted with 30 m 98 ft of jib length and fixing angle PA.

Maximum capacity for the crane is 24 t 26 USt and the maximum jib length is 60 m ft. The two MC Bs are working 10 hours a day at the month project, which will create a vital connection across the Ataturk Dam Reservoir on the Euphrates River. This bridge will be another Turkish landmark that will have Potain to thank for its on-time creation. The top-slewing tower cranes are lifting general building materials used in traditional cable-stayed bridge construction, such as formwork and steel structures.

As construction progresses, the cranes will lift large sections of carrier cables weighing up to 10 t. The two Potain cranes are working at heights of m and m, and both are rigged with 45 m jibs. The cranes were transported to the job site from their base near Istanbul, more than 1, km away. Once on site, a ferry was used to transport one crane to the other side of the river. There are few events that jeopardize profitability to the extent of equipment downtime.

Responsive service and support to get your equipment up and running are at the heart of Manitowoc Crane Care. Manitowoc Crane Care offers global access to parts, service, technical assistance and training for every Manitowoc Crane product, 24 hours a day, days per year.

Over-the-counter parts availability, expert repair and technical assistance help to assure you productive work crews and minimal downtime. A staff of more than professionals worldwide stands ready to make sure your Manitowoc lifting solutions are working in the direction of your expectations and beyond. From three major parts warehouses and automated worldwide distributor parts ordering system and technical documentation, to dedicated Customer Support Representatives and technical instructors strategically located around the globe, no one comes close to matching Manitowoc Crane Care for pure efficiency and value.

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